NHS in Brighton – questions raise yet more questions

Now, just going back to that race relations officer who lost her discrimination appeal – first let’s look at what actually happened, for those who missed it, then a reader question which is quite to the point but that in itself raises further questions:


Black NHS racial equality boss, 58, is sacked from £100,000-a-year job for discrimination after allegedly telling colleague he was ‘everything she despised in a white manager’

# Dr Vivienne Lyfar-Cissé was fired from Brighton and Sussex Hospital NHS Trust
# Employment tribunal heard she harassed a male coworker because of his race
# Biochemist, 58, filed unfair dismissal claim against NHS trust but lost last week

First issue in a reader comment:

Having met some of these so called ‘managers’ in an academic environment, it is of little surprise why the NHS is on its knees. It is typical of Brighton to even have such a position, let alone the staggering cost to the tax payer – who dreamed this position up ?

Where is her actual medical work, her clinical work upon which she is pontificating?  Doesn’t say in the old blurb:

Dr Vivienne Lyfar-Cissé

Like someone else said, this is a HR function, not a permanent role on 100k+ a year (that’s her salary, the actual costs would be nearer 200k with NI/tax paid by the NHS, holiday and other benefits).

The NHS doesn’t need privatising, but it does need its management and leaders to stop thinking it’s a public body where the cash won’t run out anymore.

In the mean time real patients and staff that need the money will suffer.

And they do suffer from shortages of money and staff, therefore care.  Right, some more:

# Why are the Mail’s sources the yellow media, the Mirror and ITV, hardly reliable news sources on political matters?

# Now look at this statement:


It is clear that the problems we have found on this inspection go right through Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust.

It is a matter of some concern that we found there was a distinct disconnect between the trust board and staff working in clinical areas, with very little insight by the board into the main safety and risk issues, and seemingly little appetite to resolve them.

For some time the trust has been failing to meet national standards on waiting and treatment times, there were high numbers of cancelled appointments and operations, and delays in providing diagnostic results.

Yes, there was the three day wait in the corridor, for example. So, were the very next words of this investigator, Professor Edward Baker, CQC to address this?

Not a bit of it:

As a matter of priority the trust needs to address the long-standing issues surrounding its people policies and implement an immediate programme of change to improve the culture of the organisation.

It must effectively address the allegations of bullying and discrimination that we have found.

Excuse me? There was no gap between one paragraph and the next in that, it was one continuous quote which I split in two halves above.

So who is that guy, what is he professor of and even were his job the discrimination case, how do real NHS issues suddenly jump, in his mind, to racial non-issues? His job is ‘Care Quality Commission‘ and he can be found here:


It says ‘in clinical practice’ – do they mean as a doctor or nurse? They don’t say, they only say ‘in’ clinical practice. it’s like a time I was unemployed and was sent to a ‘business professional’ about starting up a business.

The woman seemed quite wrong to me as a ‘businesswoman’, her attitude was bad in that role. She said she had been ‘in’ business thirty something years.

No she hadn’t, she’d been ‘in’ HR, which has nothing to do with running a business. Now I don’t know with this Professor versus Doctor Ted because they don’t say.

Seems to me he’s just another academic or administrator, precisely the type needing investigation. Quis custodiet …?  The larger issue is then, as that commenter asked – who appointed her?

In 2009 at the request of the Trust Board she led on a transformation change programme entitled Commitment to Change (C2C) Agenda for Race Equality to address the institutional racism in the Trust.

Uh huh.

Our board

At the beginning of her career, Marianne trained as a nurse, before reading Psychology at the University of Exeter, and completing Chartered Accountancy examinations with Peat Marwick, now KPMG.

How ’bout that, eh? Chartered Accountancy.

And you can go through each of them for yourselves and check them out. Much lauded and decorated – that to me is a red flag for a start.

I’ll leave that one to you, dear reader.  Not to put too fine a point on it, this is the sort of person who, if she were a nurse in clinical practice would know full well the issues in wards – so why is she presiding over the appointment of this black discrimination officer?

It claims the latter is Christian – interesting definition of that word, particularly as another eminent black has said:


He can’t be arrested and incarcerated though, can he?  For more than one reason.

# And on that point, let’s come back to the Wail in the first place, which opened with ‘black’ NHS racial equality boss. Tut tut, naughty. How can the Wail get away with that?

Have a great weekend.

5 comments for “NHS in Brighton – questions raise yet more questions

  1. April 6, 2019 at 6:40 am

    All of them reek of Common Purpose and their motto “Leading beyond Authority”. i.e. doing everything BUT the job they are employed to do.

    Forget patient care, “champion” (another CP buzzword) diversity, condemn bullying, whilst at the same time bludgeoning staff into following ridiculous schemes unrelated to their job with the threat of disciplinary procedures.

    All very deliberate and all aimed at making industry, healthcare, the military, police, politics and legal profession so ineffectual and inefficient, it is not fit for purpose.

  2. April 6, 2019 at 8:05 am

    Or put another way – deliberately bankrupting it and making it essentially unworkable.

    It is very Common Purpose to provoke and turn the screws. Then to criminalise any who dare complain. Some people don’t like us using the words ‘left’, ‘marxist’ and ‘communist’ but whichever euphemism they prefer, this is it … and it has the same effect as the dead hand of communism.

  3. Valentine Gray
    April 6, 2019 at 9:17 am

    “Inverse Racism” (do you like it) give a black person a job to show you are not racist is racist. Orwell is not going to let you win, double think, double speak, “Leading Beyond Authority” these clap trap terms beloved of Common Purpose a leading cause of mental retardation, just look at David Cameron a C P graduate, and at the shit he has dropped the country in just to thwart UKIP, The NHS is in the deadly grip of the rip-off bandits of Common Purpose (sounds so much nicer than Communist Purpose). operation backfire due shortly,,UKIP.

  4. Pcar
    April 6, 2019 at 11:52 pm

    At the beginning of her career, Marianne trained as a nurse, before reading Psychology at the University of Exeter, and completing Chartered Accountancy examinations with Peat Marwick, now KPMG.

    In other words: “I couldn’t cut it in every job I had. Then a Labour friend got me a safe, well paid, no responsibility power-skirt admin obstacle-constructor non-job.”

    NHS Meritocracy? Patient experience & outcomes?

    No it’s admin employee’s first in UKSSR NHS

    Outsource all NHS to private sector and Marianne, Lyfar-Cissé etc will vanish*

    As for Brown’s CQC (Counterproductive Quango Copy): “Heir to Blair” Cameron pledged to keep it – moron.

    * if Gov’t butts out and stops interfering.

  5. April 7, 2019 at 12:25 am


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