Blogger blogs are a pain

Reason is this – the screenshot is Old Rightie’s, he’s a mate but he does make it so difficult to comment, I bet he doesn’t even know it’s happening:

He is by no means unique. Every Blogger blog I try to leave a comment at, this sort of thing happens, even after one is accepted as ‘not a bot’ a half dozen times:

If I try to go my name, it then puts you through panel after panel of pictures until you get it right.

If I try to go Google a/c, it puts you through its guff for five minutes, then you go through the Blogger rubbish again after that.

Seriously – you’d go through that on a Sunday morning trying to visit and comment at twenty, thirty sites on your rounds?  Then you go to another Blogger blog and exactly the same, then the next one, then the next one …

I wonder if blogger bloggers realise the effect it has on commenting?

When will Blogger bloggers make it easier for commenters? I mean, seriously, look at this one, Capitalists at Work:

Are you willing to wade through all that guff [polite word because there are ladies reading] … it is never one panel, there can be six or seven in a row.

Wasn’t blog commenting meant to be fun? Don’t even start on Breitbart, the MSM and its bloody disqus. The Express is worst – it gives you a word or two of the first guy’s comment, then you must click again – apparently it’s all about traffic.

Eff off is my response. And another old mate, Sackers – it starts at the top and they take you on a magical mystery tour. Then there are the clever trevor sites which make you choose. Instead of just ‘OK’, you are ‘taken’ to ‘partners’ details. I don’t want any details, I am not their partner, these firms, I click out and that’s that blogger mate without my lack of wisdom dirtying his site.

I suspect, as mentioned above, that these dear colleagues don’t even know it’s happening, that it’s so much of a pain and it’s not them personally doing it, it’s blinkin’ Google, Blogger, Youtube, Disqus, various captcha schemes.

I bet many a blogger thinks oh cool, someone offers to do my screening for me.  Yeah?  Try it one Sunday morning … a dozen times.

We’re not without our issues on our WP sites either.  The script kiddies try to earn their keep and keep changing things – result is the system is doing down readers, I’m not personally, Julia’s not, no other human is.


And no, I shall not ‘get the app’ because ‘the app’ does not make anything easier, it complicates things. But then the slimy bass todds start taking away functionality using the classic method – it no longer safeguards or makes it easy.

Like Dorsey and Zuckerwhatever – they are not there to make life easier, they are there to frustrate and anger the punter.

2 comments for “Blogger blogs are a pain

  1. Pcar
    April 8, 2019 at 12:27 am


    Thanks for heads-up on blogs, I now know to not bother.

    I want to comment quickly & easily without registering. Although I may register in future to eg PM other registered (

    Here, Tim N, Tim W, Julia, Longrider…. allow that and it’s great – Free-speech.



    Re: Army & Paras

    The cause – bored?

    Telegraph: Soldier charged after ‘going rogue’ during computer game on virtual battlefield

  2. Lord T
    April 8, 2019 at 10:40 am

    I just don’t comment at these sites now. An example is Mark Wadsworth’s site I usually want to say something but can’t. Eventually I find an alternative and just stop going.

    Some want you registered with Google or Facebook. I won’t do that either.

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