It’s Exactly Who She Is, Your Honour…

His Honour Judge David Rennie told Goodman the offending went on for some time but was essentially out of character.

This is not who you are,” he said.

He’s a very gullible chap for a judge.

Prosecuting, Pierce Power said the seven offences had been committed between December 2013 and August 2016.

Goodman claimed disability benefit and housing benefit totalling £21,007.76.

She admitted the charges at an earlier hearing.

Mr Power said: “Ms Goodman failed to declare income of £370 a month from an insurance policy.

“She also had a joint mortgage with her mother on a house in Portslade.”

The court heard she did not think the insurance money was income.

And she claimed she did not have access to several bank accounts which belonged to her grandmother and father.

She also had more than £16,000 in the bank.

The housing benefit was claimed on a flat in Brighton where she was the tenant but never paid any rent.

Bring on the excuses!

Sally Mertens for Goodman said her client was in an ongoing battle with depression.

She said: “There is an inability to face the music as a result of telling lies and behaving dishonestly.

She is very, very sorry for her conduct.”

See, judge..? She’s still lying. Just through a proxy this time.

2 comments for “It’s Exactly Who She Is, Your Honour…

  1. April 12, 2019 at 8:04 pm

    Hard done by lass. Free accommodation at Send in Surrey.

  2. Pcar
    April 12, 2019 at 11:36 pm

    Littlejohn today Brexit murderers like Mrs May put on trial at the Old Bailey?

    …Erskine-Brown, Defence: “If Your Lordship pleases, my clients refuse to recognise the legitimacy of this court.

    They believe members of the jury are too stupid to be trusted to reach the right verdict. They demand to be tried before a jury of their peers, at the European Court of Justice.”…

    …Judge Bullingham: “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the offending went on for some time but was essentially in character. At the end of the trial you will retire to consider your verdict of Not Guilty.

    In the event of a majority in favour of Guilty, you will be instructed to keep on voting until you reach the right decision. We are adjourned until Halloween.”…

    Funny, but too true.

    Edited to reflect Judge David Rennie’s favouritism

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