Why we MUST stay in the game

Amazing how one can be thinking along certain lines, then suddenly there are two stalwarts saying precisely that.

Firstly, Bruce Charlton:

Which is why I, eventually, gave-up ‘activism’. I used to expend time and energy on trying to save institutions that I valued – my university and the university system, science, medicine, psychiatry – and later the Church of England.

But with all, at a certain point, I realised that they did not want to be saved. In other words, the institutions had a leadership and majority who actively-wanted that which was killing them.

We do have, in a sense, a ‘mission from God’ and are duty bound to put in rather than take out but there are limits as to what can be done. Only hope is that our media becomes the ‘go to’ and not the MSM but that is forlorn for the greater part of the population.

Now for Tom Paine:

Tom, with the greatest respect, I’m not sure they have. Yes, to a point they have but even in some comments at this blog here, I read some of them and they get close, then miss the mark and drift away. We were talking yesterday about confirmation bias too and how we tend to go in with hardwired fallacy.

For example, there is one commenter for whom ‘left’ means good, therefore anything bad is ‘liberal’. What does it take for anyone to see that leftism is what is wrong because it is draconian and plays into Them’s hands.

Them have their own agenda – I’ve been blogging on that for 13 years and am still no nearer to getting anyone to take Them seriously. The Muslims are one thing and they are being allowed their freedom to destroy but only because Them let ’em in.

The central enemy is Them. You might not like the labels I use but I am referring to, on the one hand, those who just wish to be left alone in a climate where we are relatively free to make of ourselves what we can over our lifetimes, along the way gathering home, family, personal nest eggs … then the other side believing in nanny state, micromanaged, control of people’s thoughts and words. That latter is classic ‘left’. ‘Left’ means robbing people of what they have built up over time and forcing everyone else in the country to go along with the PC Narrative.

It’s as simple as that.

On Twitter, two guys I like a lot and who make all sorts of Deplorable noises, are irreverent to Them etc. – they were waxing lyrical about Nigel, thereby showing themselves to be pure ‘M25 and within’ denizens.

Yes, great stuff that he will rob the legacy parties of votes like that but when those two mates started with the ‘Now he’s shed the swivel-eyed loons, Farage has a truly dangerous proposition: the truth.’

Er no, sorry – he is avoiding the truth like the plague and up north, that truth is being told privately, in supermarkets, in the last of the pubs – that elephant in the room which none dare name. Gerard Batten dares name it and let me say, from those I’ve spoken to who are more working class – Batten resonates far more than Farage outside the privileged areas.

Don’t get me wrong – Nigel has a useful function to fulfil within his beloved M25 because that is a sizeable part of the voting population – as long as he is allowed to dominate in those constituencies or South Thanet or Surrey, Hampshire or whatever … and UKIP in its constituencies up north and out in the sticks … and they don’t fight one another, then good will have been done.

I do not have faith that our people will stay firm. Yes, they will certainly give the Tories a kicking but if you look carefully at the polls, the ones which are not too bad, Labour is still holding up where the Tories are not – my mate’s father was lifelong Labour. This father was forever railing against Labour lunacy but when it was suggested he vote otherwise, it was, ‘Oh no, couldn’t do that, not voting Tory. Never.’

No one had even asked him to vote Tory, just don’t vote Labour, that’s all.

Nope, did not compute in the tribal brain which loves being told how to vote – that is what we are up against in this country. Labour tribalists’ brains are interesting things – just look at that Jess Phillips, sigh.

Yet many in ‘Labour areas’ are waking up, as pundits have mentioned, so are those who would count themselves ‘of the right’. But I still think, come the GE, that most people will look at the two new leaders for the red and blue who will be in place by then and think, ‘Let’s just give them one more chance.’

Sigh.  Just what does one have to do?  I mean – really!

As for the silly nonsense of not voting at all – out of some sort of ‘protest’ or being jaded – you are just handing the fanatics the victory they want. Don’t you care? I don’t disagree in the least that we are not ‘citizens’, that we are free men and women deep down, that the State makes us become ‘good little citizens’ – yes, that is true.

But if that translates into refusing to go along and vote on Thursday, then that is just silencing our voices.

Do you want us silenced? Do you really believe there’ll be this grand ‘revolution’? You’re kidding yourselves.

Yes, it’s all rigged but misbehaviour on our part is now more necessary than ever – dissent via voting for anyone but the ConLabLib is a start to that.

Staying silent at home wins ZERO except personal gratification that ‘you’ve shown ’em, eh?’

Shown ’em what, perchance? Shown ’em what?

But if you’ve voted to stymie Them – vote for anyone at all bar ConLabLibGreenSocialist, and if there are no good candidates on the form, then write Brexit across it – do anything but do go along and show you do have an interest in this country and where it’s going.

Because if you do not, then you have no skin in the game, no place in the argument.

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  1. Pcar
    April 29, 2019 at 11:10 pm

    Good article, agree.

    Appeasement, Gullibility, Left tribal loyalty and Gov’t/State is best is a massive problem in UK public & politicians as evidenced by

    “…shale gas commissioner, Natascha Engel (Lab), pointed out in her resignation statement: ‘A perfectly viable industry is being wasted because of a Government policy driven by environmental lobbying, rather than science, evidence and a desire to see UK industry flourish.’

    The specific issue vexing Ms Engel is that the Government is refusing to relax a rule that if the fracking caused an Earth tremor of over 0.5 on the Richter scale, then site operations should cease for 18 hours.

    This makes the exploration process untenable. And, as Engel points out, a tremor of 0.5 on the Richter scale would scarcely be felt by humans.

    The limit was not based on scientific advice: geo-scientists had told the Government that a limit of 1.5 would be absolutely safe as the maximum allowable tremor — which itself is less than the limits of between 2 and 4.5 in the United States, where shale gas has been produced in vast quantities with no casualties among the population.

    Bear in mind that the Richter scale is logarithmic: so a 0.5 magnitude tremor is over 3,000 times smaller than one of magnitude 4.

    Thus, in February, 49 geo-scientists signed a letter to The Times pointing out that the 0.5 limit was not just ‘so low as to threaten the potential development of a shale gas industry in the UK’, but that ‘this is far below the levels set for comparable industries in the UK, such as quarrying, mining and deep geothermal energy’….”

    May has destroyed democracy and the Conservative Party – TCW now supporting Brexit Party

    The toppling of Theresa: Day 24
    “…This descent of the Conservative Party into May’s personally choreographed danse macabre appears to be blinding it to the most lethal existential crisis of their history. Perhaps it will take a historian of the party to point it out. This is exactly what Robin Harris does here. On one level, he says no more than we have been arguing for months on these pages, but his pulling together of all the strands of their idiocy, hubris and incompetence, makes for a devastating analysis.

    He asks: What is the point of the Party?..”

    Seemingly May doesn’t watch, listen to or read News; she hides from it and remains dangerously ignorant of public and party opinion

    Vote UKIP or DUP on Thursday and Brexit/UKIP on 23 May.

    • Pcar
      May 1, 2019 at 12:05 am


      Delete bin dupe please

  2. April 30, 2019 at 1:21 pm

    Thanks, James. Yes, we must vote.

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