Yeah, I Don’t Think We need Paramedics This Thick, Love…

A mother claims it took ‘nine hours’ to get an ambulance after her four-year-old son broke his wrist when he fell from a slide.


*reads that again*

Yes, it does indeed say ‘wrist’.

After calling 111 for an ambulance at 8.30pm as her child was screaming in pain, she said it took three hours for a call back and then had to wait until 12.34am to be told to book a taxi – which would cost her £80.

I’d ask why his father didn’t drive him, but then….well, Essex. Innit?

Jayne, who will start training to be a paramedic herself this year…

*sharp intake of breath*

‘It could have been anything. If a builder had fallen from eight-foot they would have sent someone out.’

Yes, because he could have spinal injuries. Your son clearly didn’t. If you do indeed make it to that course, I hope a sense of proportion is the first thing they teach you.

2 comments for “Yeah, I Don’t Think We need Paramedics This Thick, Love…

  1. Pcar
    May 4, 2019 at 12:27 am


    Says all one needs to know.

    Me: Broke right arm twice – 1979 and 2019

    Both times waited until next day to attend A&E. Broken ribs? Unless puncture, not urgent or even necessary; fingers/toes same. MSM should ignore these whining recalcitrants

    “Jayne is training to be a paramedic” Will no one rid us of this turbulent woman?

    • May 5, 2019 at 7:02 am

      Broke my shoulder a few years ago just outside the house. Was it painful? You bet.

      But since my hands still worked to dial a cab, the idea of calling an ambulance never even crossed my mind.

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