Few could have predicted that when Nigel Farage, taking a break from campaigning with his new Brexit Party, rose to give a speech on the other side of the Atlantic at Lock Haven University in rural Pennsylvania, the spotlight would once again return to Oldham.

‘Let me take you to a town called Oldham in the North of England,’ he began in his own inimitable way, ‘where literally on one side of the street everybody is white and on the other side of the street everybody is black. The twain never actually meet, there is no assimilation.

These, folks, are divided societies in which resentments build and grow.’ Now, as then, Oldham, remains racially divided ( the St Mary’s ward where 66 per cent of residents are Pakistanis and Bangladeshis; Saddleworth West and Lees where 97 per cent of residents are white).

Such divisions are born, for the most part, not from hatred nor prejudice but the desire for individuals of similar cultural background to live and socialise with one another.

Now that is very interesting from Nige, given what he tried to lay on Gerard Batten and given his own campaign, approved by him pre-Referendum, to use flatbed lorries with billboards showing that infamous pic of the hordes marching in.

I’m not calling him on what’s happening, I’m calling him on his hypocrisy.

On the other hand, he has a useful job to do as has been mentioned before – to mop up as many ‘within M25’ votes as possible and appeal to a type of northern Brexit feeling where they do not go the route of the working class TR/UKIP voters – and there are many of those up this way.

Instead of sniping at one another, how about we look at the issue which Nige himself has identified once again, the elephant in the room.

It is this pejorative ‘hate speech’ tag which gets in the way and the invented ‘phobia’ joint words. When organised groups on any large scale try to infiltrate and take over another culture, quite alien to the indigenous, then there is always going to be trouble.

Why do it?  Well we know the answer to that – Them and the mindless lackeys who pushed it for Them.

The bigger question is how to reverse it. If I say tut tut, isn’t it a shame, without offering any practical solution, then I am a ‘moderate’, no?  An ineffective moderate.  Let’s all be like blancmanges, eh?

But if there are obvious things to be done and even then huge damage has already been done, irreversible damage, then that makes me ‘extremist’?  Things like immediately deporting any Imam who is known by security as inflammatory against the indigenous culture, along with any actual criminals from other lands and I mean real criminals – committing crimes like rape, battery etc.

And I’m including anyone here – Americans, German, whatever – anyone who is trying to alter the nature of the society, is from somewhere else and is here for that purpose – to alter the native culture, not to fit in and become a member of that society as it was.

Political will and the ability to survive Them and its agencies – that is what is called for but we all know the histories of the human messianic – Jim Jones, Charlie Manson etc.  No, I’m not going the religious route here to state the bleedin’ obvious.

To viciously mix metaphors, who will ‘bell the cat’?

In the meantime, I’m seeing things in the US where demographic change is taking place and it’s not foreigners involved – in fact, I’m more pro the old America than most of these newbies moving into desirable areas from bad areas, bringing their poison with them, usually to the coast and these are scumbags – PCist scumbags, ruining what that local society once was, by dint of sheer numbers.

As always, it is the mass nature of it – en masse – which is the issue. A couple of hundred here, a couple of hundred there over a decade – w-e-e-e-l-l-l, no great issue.  Ten million?  Different matter, no?

An example is Californians pouring into Texas.  Now if they’re conservative in nature, embracing Texas culture, going along with the way the state is run – fine, but what if it’s these loonies planting foetus memorials on a lawn as a Planned Parenthood joke – yes, this is current, yesterday, and laughing about the dead babies?  Does Texas need numbskulls like that?

So, do political views come into it?  Unfortunately yes. What this whole thing on FB and Twitter is about is that we have the ‘wrong’ views according to those who’ve been externally funded into power, e.g. Zuckerberg and Dorsey and they are actively discriminating against a majority section of the indigenous population.

The clear answer is to reverse that. One calls for freedom of speech and noble things like that but that’s not going to stop the baby murderers, is it?  In other words, the hegemony must shift back and that does not involved niceties and ‘let’s all get along together’.

Good to see it actually happen over there with the judiciary now slowly being stacked the other way, let’s hope it will continue. Which way should prevail – Barr’s rule of law or that Hawaiian bint’s insanity – she even outdoes Pelosi?

So it’s not even foreigners versus us as the issue, it’s the loonies versus the relatively decent.

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  1. Pcar
    May 5, 2019 at 12:57 am

    On the other hand, he has a useful job to do as has been mentioned before – to mop up as many ‘within M25’ votes as possible and appeal to a type of northern Brexit feeling where they do not go the route of the working class TR/UKIP voters – and there are many of those up this way.

    Agree. A conundrum is Scotland “EU Region”, Brexit & UKIP are running – who do Scots dislike most: Batten, Brexit, Farage, UKip?

    imo Brexit led by Batten would do best in Scotland.

    Current splitting vote is insane.

    Re: TR – interesting that AMW introduced & endorsed him at his Ind. NWE launch:

    • May 5, 2019 at 7:18 am

      Yes. I’d have voted for either of the other two, had they been the sole candidates – i.e. UKIP or Brexit, but AMW alone had a candidate where we were, so it was a no-brainer.

      • Pcar
        May 5, 2019 at 11:52 pm


        Are you saying:

        Brexit & UKIP not standing here, only AMW ?
        or Brexit & UKIP standing here, but AMW too so voting AMW?

        If latter, an article explaining why you support AMW would be good.

        imo AMW’s a green, vegan socialist AGW believer who wants to force all to be same.

        • May 6, 2019 at 8:02 pm

          Her candidate was the only one standing, there was no Ukip or Brexit candidate.

  2. Pcar
    May 6, 2019 at 1:11 am

    Sunday: In praise of hymns
    “…And it is good to be able to say that where TCW leads, the Telegraph and the Times follow.”

    and DM’s Tom Utley and me.

    God Bless, Amen

    • May 6, 2019 at 8:06 pm

      Most interesting to see. Mine is Abide with Me.

      • Pcar
        May 7, 2019 at 12:22 am

        Nice hymn

        Psalm 23 and Onward Christian soldiers

        Warmongering? No.

        [Vs 4:] Crowns and thrones may perish,
        Kingdoms rise and wane;
        But the Church of Jesus
        Constant will remain.
        Gates of hell can never
        ’Gainst the Church prevail;
        We have Christ’s own promise,
        Which can never fail.

        Like Tom Utley, my favourites are all from school assembly, scouts and pre-80/90s CoE

        Positive, uplifting, loyalty, “…think of others before yourself…”

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