‘Let’s Have More Female And Ethnic Judges To Improve The Justice System’, They Said…

Judge Sylvia de Bertodano sentenced the pair to 18 months in prison suspended for 18 months.

Bradshaw was ordered to take part in a rehabilitation activity for 35 days and Finch, who had been remanded in custody since the trial in January, for 25 days.

The judge told them: ‘She [Mrs Cantalapiedra] was a middle-aged lady who suffered from a number of conditions.

… Mr Finch, you have clearly made progress in the time you have served in prison. You look in a lot better state than when I last saw you.’

‘Miss Bradshaw, your problem is class A drugs, and that is something you really need to knock on the head.

‘You both need to get your lives back on track. This is your chance to do that.’

Bit difficult for Mrs Cantalapiedra to get her life back on track, though, since she died after the assault by this revolting pair of underclass scum:

Noel Finch, 45, and Stacey Bradshaw, 26, kicked Wendy Cantalapiedra in the stomach before stamping on her head and leaving her with a dislocated shoulder after she tried to help them catch a hit-and-run driver.

Finch shouted at his partner, ‘Go on Stace, give her one’ as she repeatedly beat the middle-aged victim outside her home in Radford, Coventry, in August 2016.

Finch, who has two previous convictions for violence, and Bradshaw, both from Coventry, denied assault and actual bodily harm but were found guilty after a trial.

The jury must have wondered why the hell they bothered…

The useless bitch has form for this sort of leniency, of course. They always do. This is Common Purpose at work.

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