Let’s do Dorsey. This is in no particular order beyond what came up next after the last one.

Are those of ‘the right’ really of the right?

Much shifting of money going on:

Clear enough:

Complicates it for the layman:

Anyone familiar with Roger Ver may have already heard him proclaim the benefits of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), while deriding the development path taken by Bitcoin (BTC).

Rogan sponsors:

Nothing on Soros directly funding Dorsey but:

Sandberg on FB behind anti-Soros agency

FB and Twitter not friends. Also, at Media Matters, Dorsey was claiming Twitter was rightwing, not left but then in an nterview, that it was apolitical and left and right did not understand tech.

After Years of Denying Connection With George Soros, Media Matters Accepts His $1 Million Donation

MM bills itself as leading progressive thinktank.

Perhaps more interesting is Dorsey in with this lot:

… who are into this:

… started by:

… who is best buddies with Dorsey.

What I take out of it is that while Dorsey may be technically correct that Twitter is neither left nor right, he most certainly takes sides in globalist v populist and is into the loony things I’ve been saying Them have been into from the start, e.g.

He comes over as psychologically fragile, but a very wealthy psychologically fragile person.