There was much happening today – the FA Cup, the Australian election, US Armed Forces Day, Eurovision and the various political rallies here for next Thursday, of which Tommy Robinson’s was at Oldham.

Estimates put the number at about 1000 turning out in support, including some women and children. Police were on hand, en masse. What usually happens at any other rally where there are two sides – they are separated, kept apart, corralled. Not here.

You can read the first question here:

But in large numbers they came, calling themselves the Muslim Defence League and they’d already warned the British not to turn up – this is a screenshot from a video I paused:

Were they there to heckle? Nope, here was one of the things planned … openly … in front of Plod who took no action whatever, presumably these peace lovers were going to cook some scrambled eggs with them.

Plod- no action whatever:

That’s it? Not a bit of it – the rally can be seen, in the various footage available right now on various platforms to be the other side of the police vans, it’s in the street in the distance.

About half a dozen thugs, some in hoods, some not, started hurling half bricks over Plod’s heads and as can be seen in the footage, Plod do nothing, they stand there. They’re well aware that bricks are being hurled towards the rally, including the women and kids – they do nothing.

Look at that thug in the hood above here – standing around with Plod, no request to desist, no arrest on suspicion, no anything.

An ex-Muslim talks to the police officer in charge about why Plod were doing nothing to stop the attacks. He says they will look at the footage later to determine what arrests, if any should be made.

That wasn’t the question – the question was why nothing was being done at that very moment to stop the thugs hurling bricks because, as is borne out by no arrests of those attending the rally, there was no violence from them, for obvious reasons.

Now go back to the egg handing out – look at the grins on the faces – that spells impunity. How could they develop that impunity? Because they know they can’t be arrested for any reason.

Who was handing those orders down from above? That clown pictured above or someone we don’t get to see? A Cressida Dick?

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  1. Luther Burgsvik
    May 18, 2019 at 11:55 pm

    Even if the police are just following orders why are they all so eager to comply? The only reason that they would follow orders instead of acting morally is if they have no morals themselves. And if the police are moraly bankrupt, then how should we as Joe Public react to that, knowing that the people who are supposed to protect them are nothing more than guards on the plantation?

  2. Pcar
    May 19, 2019 at 1:04 am

    “Plod- no action whatever:”

    Same as in other towns. Police attempt to stop TR speaking and ignore all assaults on him, even run to car & drive away rather than arrest assaulter. Is UK now lawless?

    TR Oldham : Police Escorted ~300 Masked MDL (Islam) armed thugs to confront TR Rally

    Police inciting, aiding & abetting violence and riot?

    Stripe Terminated Tommy Robinson’s Campaign Account

    The persecution continues: I often think I’m living in USSR or 1940 Germany.

    I look back at 1980’s freedom and ask “What, Why, How …. happened?” Blair?

    imo this is co-ordinated attack on TR approved by May, Javid & Cox

  3. Pcar
    May 19, 2019 at 1:43 am

    Successful Gov’t and MSM brainwashing in action – people can’t defend their “opinion”, rely on headlines:

    Tommy Robinson haters in Manchester can’t explain why they hate him

    Thankfully, not all are gullible sheeple

    Tommy Robinson in Fleetwood: “I want to be your voice”

    Top tip: use a black pen to X on ballot paper

    Vote Tommy Robinson MEP for North West, England

  4. Valentine Gray
    May 19, 2019 at 8:48 am

    In 1987 Michael Fish the BBC weather forecaster said no Hurricane was coming, there was, with devastating consequences, I hope with all my heart Tommy Robinson gets elected he may be the hurricane that’s not expected. he is the storm needed to tell the ordinary Brit “you are important and your opinion and vote mean something. My logo for Tommy a “Black Pen and Cross on a Ballot Paper”

  5. Twisted Root
    May 19, 2019 at 9:46 am

    Photograph #1 reveals the evil and skulduggery afoot but not the perpetrators. The orange fluorescent vest says ‘Legal Observer’. Ask yourself, have you ever been to a gathering and checked whether or not there are going to be Legal Observers coming along?

    Read ‘Handler’. Handling the very worst elements of the Muslim community and no doubt many other criminal types along for the fun. The police know what’s up and the orange vest is a symbol of impunity. These are the symbols to pay attention to.

    Now, who can organise a brick-throwing riot with the co-operation of the police I wonder?

  6. Judd
    May 19, 2019 at 7:13 pm

    The irony of this is was once described by a great man.

    Appeasers/apologists think that by kissing evil’s arse they will be safe, its true they might become the last target of the evil they aid, but once that evil manifests itself in all its ugly anti-glory and decides those appeasers are no longer useful idiots, the hell that is coming will consume them and all the trinket rewards they accumulated along the way.

  7. Pcar
    May 21, 2019 at 2:36 am

    Bettter video: What REALLY happened at Muslim riot in Oldham

    “Tommy Robinson’s EU Election campaign in Oldham was attacked by ~300 Muslim rioters on Saturday, many wearing masks and throwing rocks and bricks. This is Tommy’s personal reaction to that riot, including his criticism of police tactics

    inc: Pakistani Tommy Robinson supporter calls out police, racism, Pakistani rioters defending child rape

    (YT: Pakistani Tommy Robinson supporter calls out police, racism .mp4)

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