Is such treacherous incompetence even possible?

What else is there left to say? Readers can say it for me:

# She represents all that is wrong with our decadent and degenerate ruling class. She proves, yet again, that we cannot save our country unless and until we get rid of political junk like her, and the liblabcon anti-British party.

# I’d have said it was the third [vote]. The second would have been the general election where a huge majority of voters voted for parties that had honouring the first referendum’s outcome as a manifesto pledge.

# Her treachery is now complete and all her previous assertions lie in tatters at her feet. She has no integrity and certainly no sense of guilt or remorse for the lies she has told to the public. I would not trust her to tell me the correct time.

# Me too. I am heartsick about this, although not really surprised. No punishment devised by the sickest minds would be enough for her.

# May is clearly operating as an agent for some hostile entity. She is doing things that make absolutely no sense otherwise. She has got to be removed immediately. How is she still PM????

At Guido’s:

# I’m an octogenarian in poor health and a full-time carer for my wife, have served my country and have always been law-abiding (and voted Tory too) but at this news I feel like taking to the streets and committing acts of violence against this corrupt Parliament and State.

# I always knew that she would eventually cross her final red line. She has lied about everything. Awful woman.

# May’s final betrayal not only of the 17.4 million who voted to leave the EU, but those who voted Tory in 2017 and all of her MPs who demanded that she stand by her manifesto.

This must be the first time in Britain’s parliamentary history that a serving Prime Minister has effectively crossed the Commons floor, no doubt followed by sycophants like Rudd who, with her Socialist brother has been angling for a second referendum since 2016.


# I supported the PM’s rotten deal last time as I felt we could then draw a line and select a new PM to pick up the pieces.
But I cannot support this convoluted mess. That it takes us towards a rigged referendum between her deal and no Brexit is just grotesque. [Zac Goldsmith]

#  “We have not seen evidence of any electoral offences” admits the @ElectoralCommUK re. their shameful stunt visiting @brexitparty_uk offices today. Just 48hrs before polling day, they jumped to do the bidding of a handful of notorious left wing agitators and a bored ex Labour PM. [Isabel Oakeshott]


I suppose my only question now is – how can they sleep at night?

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  1. Itellyounothing
    May 21, 2019 at 11:59 pm

    4chan style guerilla memes seem to have an effect…..

    We need a serious and committed ideologue in no. 10…..

  2. Pcar
    May 22, 2019 at 1:31 am

    PMTM now promising a second ref if MPs back her Bad Deal

    Begone you evil hag

    Conservative MPs stumble on like zombies

    The big 50 is looming and Kim May is still in situ. And I am suffering from a severe bout of Conservative Party politics fatigue, not helped by my attending an event entitled The Future of the Party Live last night.

    There was very little that was alive about it. The panellists chosen by the Telegraph to inspire or reassure their invited audience were James Cleverly, Liz Truss, Victoria Atkins, Matt Hancock and Dominic Raab, and they failed – abysmally. They simply didn’t impress. Only Liz Truss amongst was forthright enough to give a yes or no answer when asked, and even then not always. The rest dithered horribly.

    They had between them a pretty slippery grip on what Conservatism meant or why they were conservatives. Poor Matt Hancock was a total muddle of contradictory thoughts and clichés. James Cleverly and Victoria Atkins just waffled as one audience member brutally told them.

    All invoked the free market; never mind that Victoria Atkins’s version was the government using taxpayers’ money – £20million or maybe a hundred – to play the stock market to raise cash for yes, another state-sponsored venture. None concerned themselves with the condition of self-discipline and responsibility on which the free market rests and which comes from a shared sense of belonging and national identity.

    Nor did they consider the state’s role (their own government’s) in undermining the very institutions that support those values – namely marriage and the family – in favour of its support for interventionist identity politics and deference to leftism

    None appeared aware of the huge contradiction between their free market clichés and the reality of an evermore authoritarian state that their party has fostered.

    The scale of anger among Tory Party members, published in a poll conducted by Conservative Voice well before they took their seats on the podium, might have told them that it is not quite so simple.

    Asked who they would vote for at the next General Election, only four per cent of the poll said the Tories, and a staggering 90 per cent said Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party — rising to 95 per cent for Thursday’s European elections. Of the 1,300 respondents, 77 per cent said the current Conservative Party no longer represents their views…

    I’ve never liked Cleverly, too sycophantic; Hancock is a B grade replica of David Blair-Cameron; Truss & Raab seem insincere; Atkins is vacuous

    On Thursday 23 May don’t abstain or spoil ballot, elect a respecter of democracy

    Vote: NW – Tommy; GB – Brexit; NI – DUP on Thursday 23 May

  3. Pcar
    May 22, 2019 at 1:36 am

    Prroblem with many women is they’re too weak to admit they’re wrong eg “[Not]Strong and [Un]Stable” May (Feminazi?)

    Worth watching again:

    May trundles onto stage and software error…

    Theresa May today launched the Tory EU election campaign in a near-empty room by blasting Nigel Farage before she appeared to fluff her lines when promising to leave the EU.

    In an extraordinary moment Mrs May began to say the Conservatives ‘will’ deliver Brexit – but stumbled and stopped herself – and then said ‘can’ instead – as her despairing MEP candidates watched on…. – after “speech” gaggle of ugly land whales waddle off stage; NHS/PHE employees?

    Looks like donors refusing to donate is true and having an impact, yet The Maybot trundles on obliviously

    Where is our Margaret Mk II?


    Boxing Deontay Wilder v Dominic Breazeale – Fight starts @ 11m55s

    On Thursday 23 May don’t abstain or spoil ballot, elect a respecter of democracy

    Vote: NW – Tommy; GB – Brexit; NI – DUP on Thursday 23 May

  4. james wilson
    May 22, 2019 at 5:23 am

    Incompetent treachery should by definition cause no harm, so perhaps she is not so incompetent as you think she is.

  5. Bill
    May 22, 2019 at 9:09 am

    May is clearly operating as an agent for some hostile entity. She is doing things that make absolutely no sense otherwise. She has got to be removed immediately. How is she still PM????

    The answer to the question is the first line above.

  6. Pcar
    May 23, 2019 at 12:46 am

    A Midweek Hymn: This is one of my favourites

    Eternal Father Strong to Save

    God bless

  7. May 23, 2019 at 1:49 am

    No one else can at this stage.

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