But Not, Presumably, By Their Daughter And Her Friends..?

The family of an “amazing” young woman who was killed at an illegal car cruise say that “lessons need to be learned to stop this happening to others.”

Well, quite!

I mean, who could ever predict that standing around on a street corner at night while idiots perform dangerous and illegal stunts in their cars could ever go wrong!

Sophie’s family said: “This past year has been the worst of our lives, having to cope with losing Sophie and then having to relive it all again at the inquest.

“Dangerous driving destroys lives. All this could have been prevented, and while we have now been given some answers on what happened at Trafford Park, it will never bring Sophie back to us.

“We really hope that lessons can be learned from our tragedy as we don’t want any other family to go through what we have.”

Who is it you think should learn these lessons, I wonder? Is it the idiot drivers? Is it the idiot spectators, like your daughter?

Or is it someone with deep pockets (that belong to someone else)?

The families of three of those injured, Sophie’s boyfriend Jordan Chidgey, from Radcliffe, Dan Robinson and Colin Burton, both from Eccles, instructed specialist lawyers at Irwin Mitchell to support them through the legal process.

The drivers themselves are unlikely to be worth pursuing. So the sharks can only be following the scent of blood from their insurance companies (thus putting up the price for all responsible drivers) or the state for failing to crack down on them (thus ensuring all taxpayers are on the hook).

Why the hell is it that when an idiot is killed doing something idiotic, someone wants to put their hands in my pocket to pay for it?

5 comments for “But Not, Presumably, By Their Daughter And Her Friends..?

  1. Errol
    May 22, 2019 at 7:33 pm

    Well, it’s easy for other parents to not go through what you have. They won’t, ever. Why not? Because they’re better parents.

    Kids – because you two parents are kids – you killed your daughter by not properly disciplining her, by letting her mix with that group in the first place.

    Your fault. You are the ones who need to learn lessons.

  2. Penseivat
    May 23, 2019 at 8:54 am

    Car insurance policies usually have disclaimers that cancels the insurance if the vehicle is used for racing, or anything other than that declared by the policy holder, commuting, social, domestic, and pleasure. Being a grade A tosser by performing wheelies and handbrake turns are not included, so I can’t see the insurance companies paying out.
    It’s very sad that people, especially young people, have died or been injured, but perhaps they should have listened more at school when being told about Newton’ s Laws of Motion, especially the third one.

    • May 26, 2019 at 8:29 am

      With the quality of our judiciary, the sharks must have reckoned this is a winning strategy. I remain unconvinced they are wrong…

  3. May 23, 2019 at 2:10 pm

    I used to go to loads of these events when I was younger. They were always held in the evenings on car parks and although there was some showing off, nobody ever got hurt and nobody not in attendance was ever bothered by it

  4. Pcar
    May 24, 2019 at 12:16 am

    Hmm, Sophie where have I heard that before? Sophie seems to be a death name.

    Parents should grieve in private for loss of Sophie who they maybe didn’t instil risk/reward balance in. Sophie enjoyed motor “sport” and died happy.

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