Two issues out there at the moment

1. Who counts the votes?


# Miami Dade and vans of voting boxes ‘discovered’ on the second day after the vote was had and the winner was clear [GOP].

# The rampant ballot rigging using those machines set to show Dem when someone pressed GOP.

# The South Thanet fraud in 2015.

# Many other ethical violations.

And what happened? Nothing, nowt, zilch, nada. And somehow we’re meant to just sit back, twiddle our thumbs and say, ‘Oh well, that’s how things are.’

The people who are in a position to raise hell, e.g. the Donald – mysteriously do zero about it, they just meekly accept that the Dems won the House when I don’t believe for one second that they did.

Now I’m looking at those boxes in the picture above, unguarded, anyone can break in and anyone official can add boxes or spirit some away. Before 2010, you may have been within your rights to think that’s real tinfoil hat stuff but not so much now, eh?

I’m not just talking about tricky-dicky game playing or even sly dishonesty, I’m speaking of wholesale alteration of results.

Why not?  Look at the EC make-up, look at what the Establishment must prevent at all costs.  There’s zero legality if a certain result MUST occur according to Them because the next step of the Agenda starts in 2020.

I read an article earlier this evening [which I now can’t find] about how the ‘taking offence’ game going on with the left, the govt and govt agencies has moved us ever closer to a real police state situation.  In Russia, they called the cars chorni voron or black mariah – the car would arrive at midnight and that was the end of that family member – forever.

You think we’re all that far from it now? I’d say the vast majority are labouring under the misapprehension that we still have some freedoms – I know many readers and pundits say ‘democracy is dead’ but compared to the USSR, this is still creampuff stuff, even in 2019.  Having lived over there, I can say there is nothing creampuff in the wings – this is now showing signs of happening and the impunity of the wrongdoers above us, the ones who call the shots, the ones we once trusted to do so, more or less – it seems indicative of them knowing what’s coming. They’re going through this charade, biding their time.

But we’ve also seen that what may have seemed inevitable somehow gets stymied, e.g. Hitler’s invasion of Britain.  There’s a certain amount of sliding doors going on here.

If Farage gets 31 to 34%, then OK, provided the Tories get single digits but if we find some skewing of this in a big way, then …

And over in the States, various states have said they’re dropping the Electoral College vote. Unilaterally. How?  How can a Federal Election see any state not following the procedures?

Only via civil war.

Which actually plays into the left’s hands amid their fear that Trump is preparing for a national emergency, with most of us onside.  What if the appalling behaviour of Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of them is deliberate, in conjunction with the GOP, designed to get that state of emergency called?

Same over here – deep instability, cometh the hour, cometh the tyrant.

2. Why women’s football is off [and rugby is worse]

Quite agree – look, if the women want to roll around in mud on Saturday afternoons, fine, but that’s not what this is all about.

This is about money grubbing, grubbing for rights they already well and truly have and the way the PTB have got in behind it around the world and are pushing this women’s game onto fans in each code when there’s not the slightest need to, plus the product is so inferior.  This is about mega-political-power-plays.

Let’s be honest – the only reasons you’d watch the women play are:

#  One of them is your significant other.

#  The Kournikova factor – she’s pretty and nice to watch, not unlike many, though fewer and fewer beach volleyballers, rhythmic gymnasts and so on.

Now that’s fine and if you get off on that, also fine. But what’s not fine is the way this whole thing is pushed so hard and if you object, you are in deep do-dos, matey.

Downunder, there’s this one called Erin Phillips and they just will not leave her off the front pages – it’s yawn-inducing and the interviews are as if she’s actually achieved something approaching men’s level.

And what’s she bellyaching about in interviews?  That she wants ‘equality’, meaning equal pay of course for an inferior product and that she’s so hard, so tough, the equal of men. Sigh.

But that’s not all – then she goes on about her ‘wife’.  Hang on – she can’t have a wife, she’s a bird.  Birds don’t have other birds as wives.

Then it starts to dawn how thunder-thigh butch she is and the pennies finally drop – this is just more of the same old same old we’re getting in the tranny loos, tranny sport and all the rest of it.

And heads of clubs are pushing this guff.

In 2012, I followed the Brazilian gals’ volleyball because:

#  They were purty.

#  They served more slowly than the men and so you could see all the moves at a speed one could follow.

I recall no bullsh about equal pay and being men and all the rest of it – the BBC did not shove it down our throats – I chose to watch these gals:

But it’s most certainly changed since then and that’s why I refuse to watch women’s anything in sport any more.

Because I’m made to.

6 comments for “Two issues out there at the moment

  1. Pcar
    May 26, 2019 at 12:21 am


    Ballot boxes “securely” stored by Gov’t until Sunday night vote count starts

    Imo wrong, three days for more ballots to be “surreptitiously” posted; should have been counted on Thursday night and released live.

    If other EU vote later, their problem not ours; this is more EU appeasement by UK.

    The toppling of Theresa: It’s not over yet

    …her speech with its several allusions to the need for compromise; her repeated imputation that the problem still lies with her party and Parliament (not with her) for not falling in line with her phoney BRINO paradigm, the bottom common denominator of which necessarily had to go ever lower. There was no humility at all. Certainly no apology for the abject mess she has dropped the country into. And like her speech on Wednesday, it was revelatory. In that speech her ‘I offered to give up the job I love earlier than I would like’ revealed an almost pathological sense of entitlement and rectitude. Yesterday’s final tears and unrepressed emotion at the end of what one of my colleagues has described as a ‘so-called’ resignation speech were purely of sulphurous, frustrated rage at being forced out, not of regret, remorse or contrition. Her sweetie bag was being taken away and it wasn’t fair!

    Yep, my reading of her performance too – angry, all fault of JRM & Farage etc. No inkling that her “deal” was so bad even her revered Europhile Blair & Cambel said No.

    “TM says ‘I have failed the country I loved’ – would that be Germany then, in not getting their WA passed?

    We must not breathe a sigh of relief and then let our guard down. May’s still there, still the same duplicitous person. What kind of plot will she hatch now, in revenge? She must not be allowed to take any decisions on her own. She must hand over the car keys.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if May still tries to sign us up to more EU. She deserves no sympathy, no consideration. We must never forget she was planning our subjugation.”

    UK – the West’s first undemocratic banana republic, UK leading again. /sarc

  2. Valentine Gray
    May 26, 2019 at 7:34 am

    Stop worrying, the votes have already been counted, Tory win by a landslide, Tommy Robinson came nowhere. Was it something I dreamed last night or just a visit from Stalin’s ghost???.

  3. Voice of Reason
    May 26, 2019 at 8:26 pm

    Please check your facts. They found exactly 266 mail-in ballots in a mail facility is a heavily Democratic district.

    • May 27, 2019 at 2:44 am

      Oh for goodness sake – trotting that one out again? “They” found? ROTFL.

      Before even looking at Texas and northern Virginia:

      California was recently forced to admit that it had mistakenly registered almost 25,000 ineligible voters. The state didn’t even realize it was registering noncitizens until a Canadian who is a permanent resident of the U.S. contacted The Los Angeles Times to say he had been improperly registered under the state’s new automatic voter registration system.

      It’s rampant. We saw footage of voter machines too rigged to vote for the Dem when the voter pressed the GOP name. This was raw footage, not reportage at the time.

      Please don’t tell leftwing lies here.

      • Pcar
        May 29, 2019 at 12:56 am


        Well said. Good rebuttal of Left lies.

        Worth remembering, when Trump/Feds tried to investigate illegal, dead, multiple voters; Cali & other Dem states refused to supply what in UK is electoral register

        However, thanks to Blair’s electoral “reforms” UK is verging on Left banana republic status too. Why the h3ll didn’t Cameron/May reverse them?

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