Crisis of spirit

1. The simple fact is that tons of rubbish were left lying around at a place called Virginia Beach by people who went for a festival called Floatopia, which in itself is stupid beyond words – aren’t these people taught about winds, currents and floatables? Obviously not.

The rubbish left behind is obviously the issue though to most people, not least residents and before even getting onto that, the weasel word NIMBY is always trotted out.

It goes like this. I’ve paid through the nose for a property and every so often, people who have not paid anything, zilch, nada, can come along and trash the place, leaving it for residents to sort out. If residents object, they’re slapped with this weasel word NIMBY, one of the most hypocritical words ever devised, in line with other weasel words such as Islamophobia, Far Right etc.

The truth is that if it really was their own backyard, would they invite people to come in and trash it? Yet these very people look at Laura Loomer jumping Pelosi’s high wall with a group of illegals and they set up camp on her lawn … and these people using the word NIMBY don’t use it for Pelosi, they cheer Laura Loomer on.

And I agree with the stunt – Pelosi does need taking to task for what she’s caused … but you do see the H word in operation here, do you not?


So let’s get to Virginia Beach and try to nail what the demographic is, narrow it down:

Here they are:

And here – note the US flag and tattoos over her body:

Not all young, some of the photos were of fathers and mothers with children, but young-ish.

Did we trash places on weekend binges decades ago?  Yes, when drunk and/or on substances.  Yep, didn’t give a damn. I’d remind you we were lefty students at that time – then came my first career job and my attitude changed, my upbringing by my parents which I’d ignored till then now kicked in.  I became that horrifying creature – someone responsible and respectful.

To a point.

Within limits.

Sometimes highly elastic limits but still limits.

2. There are two issues here – abortion itself but then something else underpinning this horror:

Let’s look more closely at what Clarence Thomas said:

You can find this material anywhere on the net today and in library books if you bother to look. Also look up Blavatsky and Theosophy, then stray into Thule and Aryan Supremacy.

We’re not just talking about the disingenuous line taken by so-called “choice” people who like to conveniently ignore the baby’s choice of living or dying.  We’re talking here about an active, organised campaign – it’s all there for those with eyes to see.

Eyes to see is the issue of course.

3. This one is about how weakened people are today and the whole “wellness” scam. You can never be “well” while the mind is sick.

One need not even wax religious over this and quote the Bible – this post refers to the spirit within each human, the thing which separates us from savages, the thing which demands codes of conduct so that we can at least tolerably live with one another.

Kit Harington is in REHAB: Exhausted British actor, 32, ‘checked into a luxury wellness retreat in Connecticut to be treated for stress and alcohol ahead of the Game of Thrones finale’

“Luxury” … “Wellness”.  Guess what I was about to say about “wellness”?

4. First the screenshot:

Yesterday, I simply could not believe when someone came in and actually tried, barefaced, to spin the Soubry guff about numbers – fortunately, there was a rebuff ready made at hand:

Some wag announced that Man City did not win the Premier League after all.  Nope – if you added up the points of Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal, they vastly outweighed the Man City result and thus London won the Premier League, not Manchester.

Oh and on Soubry’s misuse of stats, Iain Dale commented at LBC:

Can I just point out some facts to those who seem to think the LibDems won?

* The Brexit Party came top in 9 of 12 regions
* It got the most votes – 32%.
* It got the most seats – 29.
* It came top in 90% of council areas in Eng/Wales

What part of that don’t some people get?

But even Iain is not really getting to grips with the problem here – it’s not the misuse, it’s the flat refusal to play by the agreed rules, which also releases our side from doing so and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the surefire path to chaos and personal danger to you and yours.

And the mind which can do that – can simply refuse to accept the result after the rules were agreed – that stands out a mile and all the rest is just sophistry and legerdemain.

Did you see Blair wading in again with his own WMD logic?

These people have a crisis of spirit, of any sort of decency, they cannot be negotiated with in any way, not unlike radical Islam, not unlike someone on drugs coming at you, not unlike Manchurians – their minds are shot … and so will you be unless you use strongarm or flight tactics to protect yourself and yours.

5. This man is in one of the most responsible positions in the land, meant to be, just as with the Electoral Commission – supposedly beyond reproach, not a poisoned dwarf of no integrity or ethics … and that’s before we start on his wife.

John Bercow vows to STAY ON as Speaker saying he’s NEVER promised to go in July – amid Brexiteer fears he will bend Parliament rules to allow Remainer MPs to block No Deal

I am arguing that all five of those above stem from the same crisis of spirit. Sure we can speak of upbringing but to bring up a child well, one must first have been brought up well oneself. If not, then it extends generation to generation.

Which is precisely what the gameplan is – the production of low quality plebs, menials, bereft of any compunction beyond “do as thous wilt”, who’ll nevertheless do as they’re ordered to by Them, the PTB or to introduce a new term – TUA or The Unholy Alliance.

TUA are who we are fighting.

And whom do they want shut of? Well, old Caucasians of course – especially the old men of Europe, of the US, of former colonies. The old rule of thumb holds true now as it always did – observe carefully whom the PTB want eliminated because chances are that those people are obstacles and are the last chance society has against TUA.

Last thing – someone in comments on that Wail article about Virginia Beach pointed out that it was a Dem area – have you by chance seen photos of Pelosi’s district?

Another commenter mentioned Baltimore being the same – hordes rock up and trash the place. Nasty, very nasty. What are the demographics of Baltimore by the way? Anyone ever looked at this?

My case rests.

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