The morning after July 4th

Think this one’s OK for OoL:

The doxxing of an 8 year old

Ava Martinez, known to most of us as “Mini-AOC,” frequently recorded parody videos and took photos making fun of the real Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Apparently AOC fans didn’t like the 8-year-old’s content so they started doxxing and threatening Martinez and her family.

Doxxing is finding out where someone lives and threatening by phone and mail, by booby traps, even by murder in extreme cases.

Tweeter Nicholas Clamorgan suggested:

Behind the threats against #MiniAOC can only be @AOC herself!  None of her supporters could feel so offended by CuteAOC!

Hmmmm, think they can but either way, how bad can they get, these people?

Now I can buy that a stepfather should not use a child for political things – we have goes at lefties’ kids carrying F**k Trump banners for example.  However, if you know Ava’s output, it was always within bounds, e.g. the tweet below.

Death threats?

Stepfather signed off:

Thank you to everyone for the good will & support for Mini AOC. Your kind & thoughtful comments have brought Ava many smiles & we greatly appreciate it. In lieu of donations for her education, Ava would like to ask everyone to donate to St. Jude’s Hospital.

In other news

Woke at a useful time, many jobs to do later, quick check of sources to see how the American parade went. Wonder where you yourself go first, second, third etc. for that?

My first is to the emails, second to the blogs, see what anyone’s said, respond, then usually to The Telegraph to get the basic outline but can’t read anything because of the paywall, then to Twitter – by 5 a.m., it’s usually all American.

So far, not a lot on the parade and flyover, relegated, must have gone off well, I noted it said in places that it was apolitical.

Ok – to Breitbart, which is useless for news because they’re so far behind, then to Mail and Express, though it depends on the topic, then to blogs which are almost all catch-up-later but certain ones have current events.

Right – out of all of that, I get that Anne Widdecombe’s speech offended the right people, was liked by the right people, good, Lib Dems and Tulsi Gabbard trying to badmouth the respective good people.

The foe always attacks the people themselves in order to attack hated figures – Trump, Farage, Boris. They attack the decision of 17.4 million, plus the 63 million, thereby endearing themselves [not] with the general populace, thereby showing themselves up even more.

LibDems might be an issue, electorally, maybe not – disgruntled Labour. Most likely scenario, according to the canny writers, seems to be some sort of Tory and BP mix as govt but I very much fear that Boris might try to to go it alone to attempt to stymie the quite popular BP that way, and so both parties stand in all seats.

In this, the cynical Tories are relying on Boris bounce and grandiose statements on Oct 31 that we’ve really, really left, when in fact he will have betrayed us by poor secret deals, thus stymying the Brexit voice yet again.

What follows is the same old same old of the red and the blue. Will people ever learn? No – if they did, we would not be where we are. But that’s to come.

Red Ice have a new vid and she’s too clever by ’alf in it, not going to run it.

Message I counter with is never to quit, many things are falling our way, though the war as a whole is still lineball.

Betsy Ross

For non-Americans, this may help you understand why the boycott of Nike is necessary:

Rossa’s mother found this

Hmmmmm, not sure our American cousins would like to be represented in this by that gobby, aggressive, SJW feminist chick:

Not sure England would like to be represented by an American SNAG with a British flag. Still, there it is.

One last thing

Alan Sked tweets:

Not only have Lagarde and von der Leyen tainted pasts but so, too, it turns out does the new EU foreign minister, formerly the foreign minister of Spain, Josep Borrell, who only a year ago refused to resign after being fined €30,000 for inside trading. Corrupt incompetents all!

One last, last thing

The Demrats and RINOs are both saying almost no one turned up for the July 4th festivities. Really?

One last, last, last thing

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  1. Penseivat
    July 5, 2019 at 9:59 am

    One of the first things to disappear in a totalitarian state, along with freedom, is humour. Humour can be subjective and not always to everyone’s taste, but the measure of a person, or society, is how they react to being the subject of humour. Try telling a joke about Islam? As Jimmy Carr once said, “I don’t tell jokes about Muslims because I’m not stupid”, in other words fearful for his future safety. It appears the same level of acceptance applies to the American Democratic party. This action by the followers of Apparently Occasional Cortex, possibly instigated by the person herself, will hopefully come back to bite her on the bum. A shameful episode of mob rule against a child.

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