The implications are obvious

There are various sources, this is one by Evan Rosenfeld of Mediaite, across the social platforms:

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested for allegedly sex trafficking dozens of minors in New York & Florida between 2002 and 2005, and will appear in court in New York on Monday, per three law enforcement sources.… via @Pervaizistan @kbriquelet @harrysiegel

If so, then I wonder how Airmiles Andy is feeling just now?

The non-Deplorable trolls are out in force, one a Sanders supporter [in her avatar] is typical, trying to tie Trump to this.

Trump has never been to paedo island and is on record as asking Epstein to leave Mar-a-Lago some years back, once he understood what Epstein was allegedly associated with.

On the other hand, Bill Clinton is very much allegedly tied [though of course innocent until proved guilty] but the strategy is pretty obvious before Nov 2020.

If Clinton can be tied to paedo island, then everything – the lot, even down to Cyril Smith, Harbag and Pie Patricia – re-opens and so does Dolphin Square. Even Cliff Richard will be dragged back in, however reprehensible that seems to do when he was exonerated.

Getting all OT biblical for a mo, I suspect there’ll be a weeping and gnashing of teeth across the lands and islands before this lot’s over, matey. The aim would seem to be to finally nail Hillary and cohorts, ensuring a 2020 victory but there may well be this other strategy in place:

My feeling is that if all that happens, Them will trigger, early, whatever they have planned for mid-2020 anyway [FEMA camps etc.] and in the light of all the anti-democratic debate of late, that’s the ball game so to speak.

At N.O., please see the pizzagate link in the sidebar, where DR for one has done much research.


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You will see references to ‘Them’ and ‘TUA’ across my posts and comments.

‘Them’ is one I’ve used since 2006, meaning the ‘PTB’ or ‘TPTB’, meaning the powers that be, meaning the deep state, the shadow govt, meaning more the actual perps than their hangers on like Cortez.

TUA means the unholy alliance, which includes the whole caboodle of Them, media, all organs of state, supporters, key placeholders, NGOs, fake charities, parties, groups, the UN, EU – the lot of em.


This may be broadening the topic too far but there was a tweet by Nick@Nick_732 10 hours ago:

Every time I see a horror story of rape by culturally enriching newcomers, my first reaction is always where are the girl’s fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, even friends FFS? Have European men entirely lost their mind as well as their testicles?



There is a sickening photo of yesterday’s ‘pride’ march of a naked man and a boy horrified in front of him. Yet Plod was fine with it all – all good healthy fun according to them. Public decency is apparently a thing of the past.

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  1. July 7, 2019 at 12:03 pm

    “”….Them will trigger, early, whatever they have planned for mid-2020 anyway [FEMA camps etc.]….””

    But who controls all those FEMA camps now?

    National ‘implosion’ might be attempted but the ‘middle’ and the ‘right’ are vastly better armed than the left or the PTB in the ‘deep state’. The military, one might think, is well infiltrated but the ex military out-number it by ten to one.

    Epstein is a key to unlock a Judicial door and lock a lot of people behind it. Presidents included. It ain’t just the Clintons that will be exposed, but the Obamas too.

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