The rise of the trad-radical

There’s all sorts of danger for many people dabbling in this area of investigation.

The first wave are the brave ones, called kooks because, way before their time and without corroboration, they saw things which were wrong, dug in the heels and pursue them.  Woodstein were not these, anything those two found came from FBI hints, WaPo itself a leftwing citadel under Katie Graham, illuminati plus.  Ben Bradley not far behind – Washington left aristocracy.

The ones I’m referring to are people like Liz Crokin and Colin Ross who do stumble upon something – you know how it goes – they meet resistance from above, things mysteriously start happening, in her case sexual assault and then when you look at the bio – first her detractors and then her own autobio – she comes over as someone a bit … er … shaky on the fact side.

Gossip columnist but I’d remind you of another gossip columnist – Dorothy Kilgallen who really was onto something quite big.

For example, Liz wrote a eulogy of Gaga who, to anyone watching this thing, is in the same league as Swift, Beyonce, JayZ, Handler, Minaj, Allison Mack – they’re legion and all are saying and doing the same low-class thing.

Every single one of the first wavers are/were a bit kooky, a bit different, because that is how they made their discoveries.  Colonel Harrumph with his living room ‘I don’t do conspiracy theories’ these first wavers ain’t.

And the latter are so easily mocked in trolling, plus what they come out with is so OTT that almost everyone hears the words tinfoil and conspiracy and there’s an end on’t.

Then they’re dealt with, like Congressman Larry McDonald and investigative journo Gary Webb.

So how then can Liz Crokin come out with this [H/T Distant Relative – download it before it’s taken down]?

The reasons these people are not heeded for so long, they do persist and slowly shift ground, e.g. away from Gaga, was pointed out by Svali in 2000 – the things they are claiming happened are so bizarre, so OTT that no sane person could countenance them, they must be from some Peckinpah, plus they lack corroboration which has still not been taken down of countered, e.g. by the faux False Memory Syndrome crowd. I failed to archive so much in the early days.

The second wave are us, the less frenetic or wild investigative journos, with less edgy lives though they might once have been [sayin’ nuffink], and we start needing corroboration, therefore we’re going to eventually be taken seriously once things do start unravelling but not before. We’ve been at this game a very long time now.

When things like this start appearing though from the third wave:

… then the first and second can relax just a little but not for long, knowing there are others now on the case, that events themselves are going to produce a fourth wave:

Those are people who have lived ordinary lives till now.  Were they in Britain, they’d vote Brexit Party but probably couldn’t go Tommy … yet.

Somewhere in here appears what I call the new trad-radical, i.e. someone who, to all intents and purposes, was a family person – job, car, fairly centrist in ideas, maybe a bit conservative if pressed.

They now see things like the Podesta videos and some have seen the Clinton doings themselves and could never in a million years imagine humans could sink that low. I did not get into the subject at the time and so missed it, being onto the Belgium case in The Missing Children at OoL, other things in Germany and so on.

Liz Crokin explains well what the Donald’s actually about – interesting that he should be really gunning now behind the scenes, so get the popcorn ready, folks.

One who’s part first wave, part second, part third, is Katie Hopkins, plus Laura Loomer but not Lauren Southern:

They find traction, enough people like them, they do well.  The PTB tend not to turn them into martyrs.

The fifth wave are the upcoming kids – the Millennials and post-Millennials:

… and hopes for this world really do rest on these.

4 comments for “The rise of the trad-radical

  1. Valentine Gray
    July 16, 2019 at 11:51 am

    After reading all this, we were never in the EU, emotionally and psychologically, we are bound to America nearly all overseas news is about what is going on over there. When did the BBC talk about the yellow vests in France or Germany’s problem with migrants, or what is going on in Prague. We look outward to America for news, entertainment and they speak English as well,I feel almost a part of them, How the hell did we get into the EU in the first place.

    • July 16, 2019 at 12:45 pm

      Club of Rome and earlier. Morgenthau group. Before that – Round Table and its six umbrella organisations.

      • Valentine Gray
        July 16, 2019 at 5:58 pm

        Nothing to do with the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan then.

        • July 17, 2019 at 7:17 pm

          I’ve done many posts on it.

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