The New Cabinet

Immediate problem is sources – for the list of names, there are two:

I’d not bother with anything the BBC, Guardian, Telegraph or any of the MSM have to say.

Among the blogs, these dealt with it:

First fuller analysis would be Breitbart:

Also worth a look:

My take on the appointments

#  The best analysis, as usual, is in comments – choose the better ones, you’re used to this now.

#  Sajid Javid – the Muslim attachment is a worry, as shown in the approach to Tommy Robinson, we could say he’s suspect on immigration.  But he’s not in immigration, he’s the Chancellor. So he brings Chase experience but also Deutsche Bank – he’s the unknown. Dellers:

Of the big three appointments, the one that most concerns me is Sajid Javid as Chancellor of the Exchequer. OK he has a City background but that proves little: how do we know he wasn’t promoted because he was just a safe pair of hands or because he pushed the right diversity button? Sure, I see that it’s good optics to have Britain’s first Muslim Chancellor (not that he’s exactly a devout Muslim) but what’s far more important – imperative, indeed – is that Britain’s economy is run by a ruthlessly pro-markets, supply-side, Laffer-curve-worshipping, cost-slashing Austrian school zealot. Is “The Saj” one of those? We’ll have to wait and see…

#  Mogg – inspired choice as leader, it will help legislation go through, he was in action today, as was Boris.

#  Raab seems OK.  Dellers:

Dominic Raab is a great pick as Foreign Secretary. For those of us on the Brexit right, he was leadership candidate we would have most preferred to win if Boris hadn’t made the final cut. Apart from being sound — obvs — he’s famously brusque and intolerant. Well, good: having read some of those leaked memos from our ex-Washington ambassador Sir Kim Darroch, it sounds like our Foreign Office could do with a bit of a kick up the arse from Dom.

#  Cummings – see Raedwald.

#  The rest – still 18 Remoaners to 15 Leavers, but not in key roles. Why on earth Rudd should be there is beyond me. Why Truss?  Diversity probably.

My take on what it all means

#  Nigel is right in that the only ways, short of deselections, that Boris will get the legislation through are either proroguing or calling a Sep/Oct GE clearout.

If he goes that route, Boris, he must bring Nigel at least to the table, otherwise the BP will hurt the Tories.  For a start, I intend voting for the BP in an early election.

However, JRM came out with an interesting one today – that the govt need do nothing because if Oct 31 comes around and there is no deal, then there is no deal.  There are trade agreements in place [17] ready to go.

Then Nigel is no longer relevant.  However, does Boris have the same bottle as JRM?  Boris may well have made deals to stave off those running the Remoaners.  We don’t know.

Boris is sly and is into a good ‘looking’ cabinet to placate us.  What I fear is that he’ll get past Oct 31, having seen off everyone else, announce we’ve left without concessions to the EU, he is then unassailable.

In the new year, the real agenda, which is One Nation Toryism, comes through by degrees, secretly.

# Don’t forget the No Confidence motion today, not sure when it is.


Martin Cole:

ERG MPs have been shunned in Cabinet by Boris in favour of his fellow pro MV3 proMay W/A Treaty mates bar Priti Patel as far as I can see so far! IMHO ERG rebels are drinking in last chance Tory Saloon if they delay switch to TBP
EU unfit for UK deal!

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  1. July 25, 2019 at 4:53 pm

    Have just seen some speeches – Boris and JRM quite stunning. Imagine Nigel as the third prong.


    We’ve all had a good look now, Corbyn wonders how Johnson will get no deal through after September 5th.

    Well, on a straight vote, he can’t. But JRM made it clear how it could be done. The house has already voted twice, it needs no further approval.

    Barnier accedes to nothing, gives no ground, come Oct 31, it’s no deal. WTO awaits. In fact it’s a damp squib, no need for a prorogued parliament and no need for an actual vote.

    Meanwhile, local Tory branches put an ultimatum – get on board or it’s a by-election.

    That then plays into BP’s hands, easier to deal with one by one. In a Remain voting area, BP would not win. The only vulnerable ones are Remoaners in [formerly] Leave voting areas.

    I’m just looking at what might happen, not what I’d wish to happen. Question turned back to you – which is preferable, to go to the people in a GE, BP win some, LD win some, Lab and BP win some, hung parlmt.

    Or for BJ to hang tough and run no vote at all? I’d say the latter, run the clock down, have an alternative source of medicines. If the EU blockades Big Pharma, it will be fun. Not.

  2. July 28, 2019 at 7:54 am

    We live in interesting times!

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