I Don’t Begrudge Him The Money…

…but I’d rather it came out of the pockets of the cops who behaved so appallingly:

Scotland Yard has now agreed to pay Mr Ilesanmi £2,500 for wrongful arrest and his humiliating and distressing treatment.

So we, the taxpayer, have paid that…

‘I was upset when they took away my Bible. They just threw it in the police car. They would never have done that if it had been the Koran. Whatever happened to freedom of speech?’

There are guidelines for handling the Koran, aren’t there? No such clearly exists for the Bible.

The incident was captured on camera by Ambrosine Shitrit, who was passing when she saw Mr Ilesanmi debating with a Muslim man who she said was becoming aggressive.

She said: ‘The preacher was fearless, but if I hadn’t started filming he would have been attacked. He was not breaching the peace and in no way had he been Islamophobic. I would’ve been the first person to have said something if he had been.’

Interestingly, it seems they didn’t bother to ask her before bundling him into the car.

Police first claimed they had driven Mr Ilesanmi just 200 yards away. But when the Christian Legal Centre took up Mr Ilesanmi’s case, staff found his bus ticket, which showed he had been taken much further.

Lying as well…? *rolls eyes*

The Met now admit it was more than four miles away but insist he was offered a lift back but he refused.

We caught you in one lie, but we should believe you now? Is that how it works in your interview rooms?

A Met Police spokesman said: ‘The Met respects and upholds the rights of all individuals to practise freedom of speech, and this includes street preachers of all religions and backgrounds.

‘However, if the language someone uses is perceived as being a potential hate crime, it is only right that we investigate. In this case, it was deemed appropriate to remove the man from the area.’

And now it’s been found not to have been appropriate at all. So what action will you take against the cops involved?

5 comments for “I Don’t Begrudge Him The Money…

  1. Stonyground
    July 29, 2019 at 5:41 pm

    I mostly agree with the OP but I still think that street preachers are jerks. If I wanted to hear about their delusions I don’t think that I would have any difficulty in finding a church.

    • July 30, 2019 at 1:18 am

      So you think they are jerks, eh? So, if someone thinks you are a jerk, should your comments be intercepted and bundled off to some obscure blog somewhere in Kazakstan so we do not have to see/hear your delusions?

      Stick to the issue or your words will fall on stony ground.

  2. Stonyground
    July 30, 2019 at 7:55 am

    They are entitled to their opinions and their delusions. But it is somewhat antisocial to go into a public place and shout them at people who are not remotely interested in them. This is not really the same thing as commenting on a blog post is it? As far as I can see, the issue is that this guy was treated badly by the police. There also seems to have been a Muslim involved who was not so treated. But the fact remains that street preaching is antisocial, and doing it, in my humble opinion makes you a jerk. I am sure I am probably deluded about some things but I can’t see where I have expressed any above, maybe you could be more specific.

  3. penseivat
    July 30, 2019 at 10:30 am

    Street preaching is no more antisocial than political street hustings, chuggers, Muslims congregating in a street and blocking it off while they pray, or salespeople trying to get you to change to their gas/electric/broadband, etc. As long as they don’t follow you around, simply step aside and keep on walking, unless the street is blocked, when a chorus of “Onward Christian Soldiers” can liven things up. Just think how boring it would be if life consisted of people walking by, not saying anything, not smiling or making eye contact. It would be like living in London.

    • Stonyground
      July 30, 2019 at 7:22 pm

      Isn’t that what’s known as the two cock fallacy?

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