Does Tommy Robinson know of this?

Many blogging years ago, there were many sites coming out with articles on Them and all the bad things the elite were doing, one of the sites was Rense.

A couple of years later, I read that there’d been some online war between his detractors and him. Many other things happened too – everyone used Snopes as an authority, turned out to be a paid, leftwing couple of shills, YouGov is a paid High Tory polling company and I know it also from personal experience – if you admitted UKIP leanings, you were never asked again.

And so it goes on. Just came home and over coffee and strudel [yes, from Lidl, the German supermart, plus I’m in deep collusion with some Americans, Russians, Danes and Dutch, not to mention French, Spanish and Australians, the numbers swamped by those from these islands – so what’s my ‘thing’?] … I saw this amongst my channels on YouTube, which includes Red Ice and Tommy Robinson, not to mention an American clog dancer:

Looked through about a third of it [it’s quite long] and admit to being puzzled. They mention a video on the TR channel, not done by him [he’s in prison] called Shalom, plus one of our readers does not like me using Gatestone. He’s not Muslim, he’s Christian.

So it gets hard to tell. They mention the Frankfurt School – check – Zionist Marxists, many posts at my place on them. Also Them themselves – Rothschilds etc., Ashkenazis.  Yes, we know all that.

Against that, holocaust denial seems far-fetched in my eyes, I believe Hitler did those things.  My father did and he was a Yorkshireman.  Just what can one believe or not believe?

Setting out my stall, I believe in western values, in this country as it was, for children to grow up in a Railway Children type atmosphere, wildflowers, local postman, vaguely called Christendom when combined with the European countries, throw in Canada and South Africa – you know the sort of thing, difficult to list it all.

I see the enemy as the hidden govt, using the Muslims and cultural marxism.  I believe in libertarian freedom to speak but in a classical liberal way – until it clearly impinges.  An example of clearly impinging is that invader who threw a mother and child on the railways line in front of a train. The Scriblerus blogroll has many smoky-drinkies on it.

All that’s well and fine. Rule of law, not lawlessness.

So, what to make of this fallout between Mark Collett and TR staff?  I recall TR was badly served by C Robertson and pal who ripped him off, also Lauren Southern.  It’s getting so that we can’t know anymore, which of course is the idea the shills are pursuing.

2 comments for “Does Tommy Robinson know of this?

  1. Luther Burgsvik
    July 31, 2019 at 9:18 pm

    The TR team have basically hijacked working class, nationalist sentiment that was driven on outrage at the mass rape of vulnerable English girls by Pakistanis, and turned it into an issue about Islam vs the West… and Israel. When you combine this fact with the fact that the TR team is possibly run or heavily influenced by people like Brian of London (a Jew who presently lives in Tel Avi), and Avi Yemini (an Australian Zionist Jew who claims he fought for the IDF) should tell you all you need to know. The people in charge of TR at present are not concerned about England or English people, they are only concerned with Israel or geopolitics in that area.

  2. Twisted Root
    July 31, 2019 at 11:08 pm

    Quick reminder that virtually all prominent far-right activists work for interests wholly opposed to native British. Those same people will at some point in the future follow previous prominent far-right activists and come out as homosexual and reveal ‘newly discovered’ Jewish heritage, all after a long and mysteriously well paid career media-whoring as a white supremacist clown.

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