Brexit – we could probably call it today

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What it all seems to indicate

With the Tories currently riding high in the faux polls, Johnson is going to do a Brown today and betray Britain for what he’ll call a Brexit Deal but it will be nothing of the sort.

It is May’s WA minus backstop and having got what he wants, he’ll be ecstatic and the news will be full of him crowing that he’s ‘achieved Brexit’.

When he has not in the least. Why is Farage the ONLY man he will not discuss this with or let Farage anywhere near the decision-making process?

He will then circumvent parliament and get over the line on October 31st with the WA a done deal. He might not even call a GE, though I think he’ll be forced to by strategy.

His main goal then is to stymie TBP, even helping Labour do that in the north.

Chances for TBP

Sorry, hope I’m completely out on this but it will be another stitch-up and no one knows more what it’s like to be stitched up than Farage himself in Thanet South.

I see many second placings by a few hundred votes in constituencies in the north which should really have gone to TBP.  Gallant second place to Labour, gallant second place to the Lib Dems, in some cases to the Tory machine.

You see, with Johnson triumphantly announcing that Brexit has been achieved and a faux battle with Labour and the Lib Dems set to dominate the lead-in to any GE, the no-confidence vote included, and Brussels wading in as well, too many will think, ‘Well that’s that over then,’ when it bleedin’ well isn’t.

He’ll secure his victory with the masses by scathingly refusing to hand over any of the £39bn and people on our side will wildly cheer every time a Soubry or whatever goes apoplectic at him.

There is also a strong anti-Nigel feeling in GEs which has prevented him taking a seat till now.

There are also the Grant sisters. I ran a clip of them this morning speaking and while their voices were pure RP pluminess and nice to listen to, these BP mascots will reinforce for the north up here that these BPists are just ersatz Tories.

There’s one more thing I’m thinking and it comes from FoS which I really think we must look at:

02.08.2019 – Contempt karma

Boris™ Johnson, the leader of the Conservative Party, was telling a thrilled nation only the other day that the people were his bosses. The party is clearly so in awe of its bosses that for yesterday’s Brecon and Radnorshire by-election they put up Chris Davies as their candidate.

The fact that the by-election was taking place at all was due to Davies’ fraudulent actions, which were so egregious – he was convicted of expenses fiddling – that he was recalled on the petition of his local party. The arrogance of the Conservative party is such that it never seems to have dawned on anyone that having a convicted criminal who had already been tossed out by his own local party stand once more as a candidate was tempting fate.

Fate has been tempted by this outrageous arrogance and has struck back in the name of the ‘bosses’ with a humiliating defeat for the Tories. Quite right, too.

I believe that with our side of politics riven down the middle, with one half of us praising Boris’s ‘victory’ and our half saying no way is this any sort of victory, it is nothing like a victory – Britain will then charge on towards its next grievous error.

No revolution, no civil war, the political class having stitched us up yet again and got exactly what they wanted all along. Perfect example is telling Brits that their travel plans to France and Spain are now as safe as houses, they’ll not be inconvenienced at the border, they can go over and buy their ciggies and booze and come back and everyone’s as happy as Larry [the cat].

Where are UKIP, Anne-Marie Party and Tommy in all this? I think you know. Where are the non-voters?  Completely disempowered and disgusted but do they think that not voting will solve the issue?  Still, they’ll have the satisfaction of being able to say, ‘Told you so!’

Oh and the elephant in the room – the immigration matter? Not even touched.

7 comments for “Brexit – we could probably call it today

  1. James Strong
    August 27, 2019 at 5:16 pm

    UKIP, Anne-Marie Waters and Tommy Robinson are irrelevant.

    Serious questions: How many people have heard of Anne-Marie Waters? How many of those can tell you what her policies are? How many of those could explain where her policies are different from the Brexit Party’s policies? How many people would get out and campaign for her?

  2. djm
    August 27, 2019 at 8:04 pm

    “Boris Johnson is on course for a “major row” with Conservative Brexiteers after Downing Street admitted that he is only seeking changes to one part of the current Brexit deal.

    Major fucking row ? sriously ??

    Do these people not understand the inevitability of major civil disturbance should the instruction given to the political class in June 2016 be ignored ?

  3. August 27, 2019 at 8:54 pm

    I think they think it’s a game.

  4. Pcar
    August 27, 2019 at 11:53 pm

    If BoJo implements May’s WA Surrender Treaty minus NI backstop, he and Conservative Party are finished.

    Nigel Farage Deliver No-Deal Brexit

    Nigel Farage speech at Brexit Party parliamentary candidates event

  5. Pcar
    August 27, 2019 at 11:58 pm

    Johnson needs to listen to Trump and other positive thinkers, not his woke green GF

    Brexit is not about damage limitation, Boris – it’s a golden opportunity

    …Brexit is a huge economic and business opportunity, not a damage-limitation exercise. Who in government is putting this case? Not Chancellor Javid. Not the PM. If they believed it, if they understood it, the only logical course would be to promote a ‘clean break Brexit’, not a ‘no-deal cliff edge’.

    Only a clean break will deliver a major boost for the UK economy, the thing that the EU fear most. And it is entirely independent of trade deals, which are nice to have, but not essential

    The redeployment of the net contribution to the EU of £9billion p.a. provides a golden opportunity for tax cuts, and the better use of the balance of the gross contribution, a further £5billion p.a., would be itself a major stimulus. If combined as the Brexit Party has suggested, with a halving of overseas aid, a further £6billion p.a., it would be even more potent. This would, by the way, still leave the UK as one of the major aid countries as a percentage of GDP ahead of Germany and the USA.
    When combined with our freedom to have smarter regulation, to reduce or remove external tariffs, this provides a powerful economic policy set to the government on which to build world average growth of 3 per cent p.a. rather than the paltry 1.2 per cent of terminal decline which our establishment appear to be happy with (so long as they get a big slice of the EU cake).

    The removal or reduction of tariffs will not just reduce the cost of living, benefiting the many, but boost the economy – truly for the many.

    The question is, do the government understand any of this? If not, they are destined to repeat the fundamental errors of the May/Hammond administration…

    Yes, there would be some losers from No Deal. We can easily afford to compensate them

    “We can easily afford to compensate them” – but should not; as she points out they are insignificant exports.

    imo rather muddled article.

  6. August 28, 2019 at 6:54 am


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