Sean Hannity, the Code of Vets and the purpose of social media

The point of social media, in my eyes, is solely as a tool – a tool to connect, a tool to help if necessary. Sean Hannity tweeted this:

… and I couldn’t help but tweet this to him:

@cov_Gretchen  @codeofvets

They help US homeless veterans and you might be asking why would a blogger from England be interested when we have our own here?  If someone like her was doing this in England, of course it would be supported.

By the way, she’s had her account deleted twice as far as I know for ‘hate crimes’, breaching Twitter rules on helping anyone military.

Coming back to social media, it may be enormous chutzpah to address Sean Hannity but that’s the way social media should work. One of his staffers, maybe an intern, takes it to him, if he wishes, he takes it further.

Others meantime see the exchange on Twitter and do their own retweeting and some of those Americans command up to half a million reach.  Sure it’s speaking to other members of the club but as no one on the left would support helping military veterans, then it’s reached the right people.

Even if Sean Hannity’s staffers did not pick up on it, someone else out there might – that’s the way social media works. Sure we bring you the bad – the hidden hand’s leftist latest horror or idiocy or the cult of enrichment and diversity and they’re setting the agenda all the way, we are just commenting, playing catch-up.

But something like CoV is pro-active from our side and someone might try similar over here – there’s Help for Heroes I know of and probably some others.  This is how it should work.

Sunday update:

To me, these sorts of things are why we go on – stirring is a double-edged sword, it’s sometimes useful to stir a bit.