Fortune never favoured the faint-hearted

This one’s gone viral among our betters in the public sphere and that means, just as the post on Sean Hannity illustrated, it becomes exponential and finally someone like POTUS’s staff get to see it.

This one is from our fair land [click pic and keep clicking until it embiggens]:

Heartfelt emotion often does better than just good arguments so everything is welcome.  There are certain things such as ‘nobody ever said times had changed’, which of course was the central argument used by Them as each new treaty was forced through, but no matter – his central point still stands.

If it is a him of course – someone has seen fit to black out the name which seems to be what Them do a lot to documents needing hiding and I don’t like it – he could have used a pseudonym had he/she wanted.

Going back to first principles

A group of people, various families, move into an area by covered wagon, their warriors fighting off indians along the way.  They settle and farm but it’s a harsh life and every so often, they get wiped out.

So they set up this thing called society with laws and law enforcement and everyone takes this seriously.  But the worm of greed burrows its way into these high-ups charged with taking care of things and now the Jess Phillipses of the world, the Cortez’s, believe that they are the wise, the adepts who have the best interests of the sheeple at heart and should be living in opulent Mugabe or Nancy Pelosi surroundings, ripping off the very people they pretend to ‘serve’.

It’s always been so and Labour/Demrats are the ones stupid enough to come out and say it as if it’s a good thing.

To a point, seems there should be some trappings to accord with the high office, the children able to afford a better education but then it becomes cumulative and class distinctions begin – in the US, property is the thing.

The warrior class should certainly get better treatment because they’re the ones laying down their lives.

It worked while men of principle [and a few women] were in parliament and the image of a Chamberlain, Macmillan or Disraeli was sufficiently high so as not to cause street riots.  Those were the days when striking workers might not have appreciated Plod but the middling classes did and it was possible to make ends meet and still afford a house.

Those were the days when it was not bleedin obvious how integrity, standards, ethics had fallen away, as they have today.  I’m not saying they had not fallen away but the public perception was not that – look at the expenses scandal and Hazel Blears for example.  In other words, they had us fooled, one still read the morning newspaper on the train, thinking that what was written was largely right.

But the worm of corruption never rests, never ceases and it undermines every level as greed and ambition begin to be the only ruling principles, no longer with any pretence of rectitude, except in the rhetoric of the wrongdoers above, to the extent that they just say the exact opposite of the truth and think that that somehow protects them in perpetuity.

Whoever it was promised them that all would be well and the sheeple had no power to do anything.

Which does appear,on the surface, to be the case but I say again – social media has altered that, it allows ideas to spread virally, a double-edged sword but a necessary one.  Samizdat in the USSR filled that role.

And when pollies turn to social media to convince and justify, then they recognise its power.  They hid behind ‘the sovereignty of parliament’ for so long, not the sovereignty of the people – this is Britain after all where they thought they had it tied up better than in, say, the States – and every new law was designed to bolster up that ‘sovereignty of the parliament’, as distinct from the voters.  And they fully believed in that too.

But the New World nations and social media have wrecked the concept of the sovereignty of our betters and it’s not shared across society, there’s not the obsequious forelock tugging so much over here, though people still respect an educated person, as distinct from an ignoramus such as Jess Phillips or David Lammy or Beto.

In fact, the agenda of the left-hegemony, in wrecking education, the family and mores, has at the same time produced a new class of no-respect for anything and guess whom they’re coming for?  The class which might have still shown deference has been destroyed and one half of society – indigenous men – have been sidelined and the big payback has come.

We are fast approaching a William S Burroughs time of total lawlessness, a Mad Max world and the well-armed feral will prevail. Guess which half of society is going to be assaulted and raped at will, something I warned of in a post a decade ago and was called misogynist for.  And where will the chivalrous men be who used to protect?

The Kamala Harrises think they’ll prevail, lord it over any they can – but they can’t and we’re seeing that over here in the current resignations of miscreants who have opposed this new ‘will of the people’ thing, an American import.

And seeing as our major trading partner now is the States, better get used to it.  Boris may or may not be secretly signing us on to ten more years in the EU but he’s doing a nice wrecking job of those insulting him, so he’s useful for now.

An exciting, if frightening time, but fortune never favoured the faint-hearted.

5 comments for “Fortune never favoured the faint-hearted

  1. john in cheshire
    September 8, 2019 at 11:33 am

    I just hope that for Prime Minister Johnson, he recognises it’s short term pain for long term gain; a favourable mention in the history books.

    The rats, such as Clark, Hammond, Grieve and Rudd, will be mentioned as a collective of what they are; bombastic, shit puking traitors; probably not even by name.

  2. Lord T
    September 8, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    We really are a stupid species. Even vermin don’t fuck each other over for a bit of food. We see what is going on here. we have been disarmed and ill educated, indoctrinated into papering over the gaps in logic and holding two contradictory statements in our heads at the same time and believing both.

    I’ll be giving up voting after I’ve helped bring the Brexit party to power, although even Nigel is not going to change all that much. Like Trump, he doesn’t have the interest which is a pity and is against many things we need. The next time I vote after that will be for someone that promises to try all these treasonous politicians and execute them. We, like America, need a Trump 2. One with the 2A and an anti government agenda.

    Our politicians would have thought twice if we had a 2A here. Anna Sourface is already complaining about being threatened as she tries to resuscitate her career. She should have considered the backlash when we went against the will of the people.

  3. Pcar
    September 11, 2019 at 1:10 am

    @Lord T

    “ill educated” – yep, by design

    The Lefties love illiteracy
    “We are the only one of the thirty-six OECD countries where the literacy of 16-24-year-olds is lower that of those aged 55 and over. This is the first generation in history to be less literate than their grandparents.”

  4. September 12, 2019 at 4:25 pm

    ” where the literacy of 16-24-year-olds is lower that of those aged 55 and over.”

    And it is not only the illiteracy. My son works for a major engineering manufacturer, and the tales of the foolish morons who go by the name of ‘the workforce’ would make your hair curl up; so bad are they. But when I ask him why he does not speak out, he shrugs and states, “The Union is in full sway, and if anyone speaks out; he is then a ‘Scab’ and is given the full ‘Coventry’ routine until a resignation is seen”. Hard-left tactics on this shop floor are almost routine; dangerous and unreal mistakes are routinely covered-up, and the ‘management’ is almost as useless as the alleged workforce. My son? He just keeps his head down, does his job; and says ‘now’t!

  5. Pcar
    September 13, 2019 at 1:49 am


    Appears even without Corbyn as PM we’re going back to 1970s. Where does your son believe this resurgence of Union power came from? EU? BluLab? Are closed shops returning?

    Thanks for sharing the covered up bad news

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