The Donald, McConnell and the corruption conundrum

The US pollies’ interconnections with China for the uninitiated are brought here by Distant Relative and there is much to wade through:

Regarding the relationship among the current Senate Majority Leader McConnell and his wife Elaine Chao, who is the US Secretary of Transportation, the Chinese Communist Party and the Jiang family, please look at another extended excavating tweet: [US Foremost Group, the CCP and the Jiang family].

Not much point because it’s in Chinese. There is this:

The book pointed out that the private equity fund Rosemont Seneca Partners has close relations with the CCP. The company is owned by Biden’s son Hunter Biden and Kerry’s stepson Christopher Heinz. A few days after Biden’s visit to China in December 2013, the company partnered with Bank of China to set up a USD 1B fund to become the first company in the west world to invest in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone!

Now, after wading through that lot and attempting translations, which you can’t because they’re screenshots, cut to a tweet with footage of Biden at a rally asked about his son’s doings and he says not to ask him that, concentrate on the wrongdoing of Trump.

Question – is the Donald aware?  Is the fact that he does not act have anything to do with McConnell who is propping up the GOP in the Senate, with votes coming up?

If so, is it corrupt not to act when the greater good is the eventual locking up of Clinton, stacking of SCOTUS with conservatives etc., all of which McConnell is needed for to stave off defeats for the Donald?

Interesting questions. Add this to them as well:


“Now you know why all of official Washington, D.C., is screaming: IMPEACH! They don’t want you to find out that America’s ‘premiere law enforcement agency’ tried to throw a presidential election and destroy a presidency.”

Plus find out about the rest – and that has implications when an impeach vote goes to the Senate.

Which brings us to Clinton herself:

And Clinton’s own strategy? Let the other candidates knock each other out, allowing this and that to slip out at strategic moments, then something is released on the Donald come Nov ’20, in marches Clinton – I can lead you for four years, so many thick Democrats that they and the illegals and the dead will all vote for her, taking her across the EC line.

The EC she thereafter abolishes. At least in her mind that’s how she might see it panning out.

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  1. Mona
    October 6, 2019 at 8:17 pm

    I think Probity in American politics is seen as a mental illness, you have to be mad to be seen as honest or at least perverted.

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