Perplexing moves

Explain these two to me:


On September 5, Erdoğan said that Turkey plans to repatriate one million Syrian migrants to a “safe zone” in northern Syria and threatened to reopen the route for migrants into Europe if he does not receive adequate international support for the plan:

“This either happens or otherwise we will have to open the gates.”

So what does Trump turn around and do? Gives him what he wants, condemning the Kurds, also Greece.


Johnson has victory in his hands, as did May, it’s clear why the Tory support given what the criminal Remoaners have been doing, he’ll win a GE handsomely if he just goes No Deal, which is what those supporting him think he’s doing, hope against experience.

So what does he do? Sneaks off to an ‘undisclosed location’ to concede whatever he can to the Irish PM who is hostile towards the UK, thereby doing dirt on the DUP. He also tells a group of Tories he is in ‘no way’ endorsing No Deal.

What the hell is wrong with that man’s brain?

Meanwhile, Patrick O’Flynn:

It’s become obvious that the Remainer plot is to 1) force an extension to June 30 2) keep blocking an election 3) force a 2nd referendum between now and June 30. They need to depose BoJo for Part 3 to have a chance. Part 1 not yet in the bag. But Part 2 within their power. Sick.

Bruges Group:

Jo Swinson was in Brussels yesterday for talks with Michel Barnier. Like Bercow, she has no authority to negotiate on behalf of the United Kingdom.

3 comments for “Perplexing moves

  1. Valentine Gray
    October 10, 2019 at 7:51 pm

    Trump has lost it with me, pulled US troops and left the Kurds to the mercy of a monster like erdgodan, hope Trump is impeached ASAP.and they haven’t atoned for Armenia yet.

  2. October 12, 2019 at 6:46 am

    Trump was elected on a promise to withdraw the troops. That was the best part of three years ago. So, just what part of a politician keeping a promise is so upsetting? Unusual, yes; unexpected, yes. But heck he made his intention clear quite a while back. Erdogan on the other hand is a menace. Whatever any country does, Erdogan is sure to plow his own furrow straight through anyone’s patch he fancies. He is a Muslim and considers himself a Nabob.

  3. William
    October 12, 2019 at 5:07 pm

    As far as Syria, Trump etc., him not committing US troops to more endless war is a good thing. We have no business over there.

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