The Canadian mess

Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada, poses for a photo during a meeting with the Toronto Star’s editorial board on Sept. 24. Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Just like all the other messes.

The raw reportage and alt-commentary I’ve been able to gather first, then some analysis:

# Stefan Molyneux: The Conservatives would have won if they hadn’t caved on mass immigration.

# Respectfully I don’t think they caved… conservatives are statists that only use the deep state slightly differently. Caving would mean they went against what they truly believed..Look at the republicans who had all 3 branches of govt and did nothing with it.

# Been pro immigration since Harper.

# Tried to be Liberal lite …. and Scheer doesn’t have any charisma for that.

# Scheer was the globalist shill all along… I think if Bernier had lead the cpc, different story tonight. The milk man conserved nothing in what should have been an election handed to him. The foreign interference was also real, as usual.

# Looks like Canada needs to abolish the Electoral College. With 80% counted Conservatives lead Liberals by 1.2% nationwide but trail 121 seats to 156.

# The key for Sheer was Ontario. The MAJOR problem was that Ford has been a policy announcement disaster! Shortly after winning a maj gov, Ford has squandered it all in less than 15 mnths! Scheer got the backlash.

# Stop putting your faith in any major political party because they’re all kosher certified. It’s unhealthy and naive to believe they will save us. We aren’t going to vote our way out of this mess.

I would add – Soy Boy’s pretty dissembling, the influx of Woke north of the border, the desire for “it all to be all right” in troubled times so let’s believe the blandishments and soft-speak of Pretty Boy instead of the harder line of the Conservatives, plus memories of Harper.

Perhaps they just hate Trump, Canadians.

Further, in the light of the Canadian analyses at the top:

More classic triangulation.

For a start, they have both FPTP, plus an electoral college.

Bernier seems the genuine conservative, dirty leadership war, Canadians have been programmed to react badly to talk of immigration controls, they put the ‘safe’ milksop Scheer in to fight Soy Boy but he’s part of the same Team Global.

Thus our kind were not going to vote for Scheer, nor Soy Boy.  Opportunity lost.  Very similar to over here.  In the US, Trump got through in a breakdown of the eternal global stitch-up, in the same way the stitch-up failed in 2016 here, though London tried its best to carry the global leftists across the line.

The triangulation in Canada was that there was a possible Farage type, Bernier – one apex, then Soy Boy and the open global shills – another apex, then the hard-BSing, pretend populist [see May in 2017 here] but actually empty Scheer as the third apex.

The fight became between global shills after they’d stitched up Bernier.

It’s going to take more than this process, innit?

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