Why Do We Reward Blatant Disobedience?

Plans to set up an eight-pitch gypsy site have been refused

Yeah, you know there’s a ‘But’ comin’…

…but retrospective permission was given for four plots which are already being built on the land.

Why..? Just bloody WHY?!?

Plans for four pitches on the site had been refused in 2014 but given the nod by inspectors on appeal.

That permission was no longer valid because what was being built did not match the approved designs which had been approved.

Open and shut, surely? But you reckoned without the Byzantine planning regulations…

It was this point which caused concern for some councillors and members of the public, who asked why it seemed to be so difficult to enforce the conditions placed on applications.

A fair question. You won’t believe the answer….

Some were left speechless when they were told that, because the work already carried out did not match that which had been approved, the conditions relating to it could not be enforced.

You really couldn’t make it up….