Do not vote Uniparty

If I’ve been silent, it’s because of political gloom. So I’ll just quote Bob H over at our place:

In Peterborough, given that the Brexit party got a higher vote share than they did, it was the Tories who split the vote.

In this election, if people vote for the same old parties they did the last time, they’ll get the same moronic parliament they’ve got this time.

Boris is trying to fob us off with 95% of a treaty he previously resigned over.
Rees Mogg demands Brexiteers support it when previously called it “cretinous”!
There is absolutely none of the LibLabCon Uniparty that can be trusted.

Never has the public opinion of the Westminster collective been so low. If people want to change that, don’t waste your time on the anti democratic LibLabCon, register as Brexit party supporters, and get behind the effort to change things for good!

Then there is this: