Nightmare in blogland

This is a rant and boy am I ranting. Unless the reader is also a blogger, he would not understand this, so let me explain as best I can, using screenshots.

Something has happened either with WordPress or OoL or whatever, still haven’t worked it out, nor will I attempt to any more.

This below is how I composed the post on watermelons and ballustrades at NO – you can click on the pic and then again until the screenshot comes up large.

That’s my usual mode of composing in html and I can insert instructions as an when.  You’ll see a tab Text in white and beside it, a tab Visual.  Ok, here it is in Visual:

To insert those images, this is the way it’s done – click on Add Media and it brings this up:

You’ll note that three boxes are ticked, using Upload rather than Media Library.  You’ll also notice, in blue lower right, that the blue bit is where I can direct you to the attachment page if you click on the pic.

Simple, clean, direct, takes about a minute to compose a post.  The major advantage over Blogger and other platforms is how quick and simple it all is, direct, one switches at will between Text and visual because there is some functionality in one not in the other and vice-versa.


Now look at this excrescence:

That’s what happened this evening at OoL – somehow it auto-upgraded and the script kiddies have been at it. Naturally, I searched high and low for Classic Mode to revert to but just as gmail users have found with those two women who changed it all – you can’t go back.

The first red flag is the huge Add title, as if we didn’t know we had to add a title. 

Now let’s stop one moment and think this through.  If you have a dot org blog, then clearly you are more than the one post per day ranter who needs no little functionality and needs to be led by the hand.  Just looking at the two versions shows the quite different mindsets – the NO is for a serious composer, the second is for some kid who’d like to write his first post.

There is no way to escape the second.  None.

You will see the Visual tick in the sidebar that you first must pull down – it’s not there for you all the time.  That’s a click to switch modes, far away from the composing window.  It then completely changes what’s on offer and you’ll note one more thing – look again at the second screenshot under the Add Media tab and you’ll see a range of buttons for all sorts of functionality. 

Now look at the OoL compose window – nothing, nada, zilch, no functionality whatever, not even by hovering – at least Gmail lets something appear if you hover.

Oh you can find it all right if you switch modes again in the sidebar but to switch back, you must click again.  So, in the course of a thirty second paragraph, it now takes about 2 minutes.

Now try to insert a picture.  It takes you first to a gallery maker and you must click on three different buttons to even bring up the desktop pics to upload.  But guess what – it won’t let you load all of them.

What it does is take you to a ‘block’, which is the first pic. Then it wants you to write in the size you want.  At NO, you simply clicked Visual, click on the corner of a pic and downsize to what you want, a pop-up tells you what size as you go.  Done in three or four seconds.

Now, with four pics, I have to go through a process with each and every picture, then publish.  Note that this does not insert pics where you want, just puts them in a block at the end.

I looked at the published post [Uniparty] and the pictures were all thumbnail size.  Did they enlarge when you clicked on them?  Did they hell.  So you can’t read what they say.

This, readers, is what has happened tonight at OoL.  Now, think of the number of posts I do a day – you starting to see my apoplexy?

There is a way round it – I can do all my composing at NO and then take the html across to OoL, find Code mode, paste and publish before it plays about with the code.

Oh, it does play about with it too. It inserts tags like ‘figure’ and other things, quite unnecessarily.  In other words, some kiddies have tried to be total smarta***s and it has ruined blogging.

Seems awfully like the Israelites making bricks and then Pharaoah ordered that they had to go out and get their own straw or whatever the bible story says.

I am quite sure that the PTB at these places employ these ambitious little script kiddies who need to show off and while they wreck what once worked, the higher ups are laughing because the narrative is to ruin the orderly working of people’s lives – that is the new imperative.

Oh and it doesn’t help that I almost had another heart event earlier in the evening, nothing to do with this but it sure didn’t help afterwards. So good night, I’m outta here for the night.

3 comments for “Nightmare in blogland

  1. October 28, 2019 at 9:40 pm

    Now I must put out a warning to anyone with a Word Press dot org blog – whatever you do, do NOT upgrade to a 5 series. At NO, we’re running 4.9.12, which is the classic, it’s fine.

    Somehow, OoL went 5 series and you only need read the fora for months where bloggers were warning – don’t touch it with a bargepole. Now I know why.

    For now, I can compose posts at NO and transfer the whole text to OoL and drop it in, so not all is lost.

    But I do end this post tonight with an open hands plea – why oh why must they come along and wreck something which was working perfectly well?

    Is the answer exactly that – that it was working perfectly, so had to be stopped? Or are we dealing with rank amateurs here?

  2. Lord T
    October 29, 2019 at 10:25 am

    It isn’t just this everything is taking what works and screwing it up in the name of efficiency which it isn’t it is simply cost savings. I have a Nat West online account and they are now making it I need to have a mobile phone to use. To me that was telephone banking but to Nat West it is now part of their two factor authentication routine. Soon I’ll need to carry around my card verification widget or a phone just to make a transaction and if I leave home not intending to buy anything I won’t be able to make snap purchases. Which is actually a good thing.

    In our lets simplify everything so the growing number of dumbos can use these things and who cares about the frustrations of ordinary people I’m thinking of learning Indian so I can communicate with these firms help desks because I spend ages trying to understand what they are saying. They must have shit lives because people like me are snapping at them on the phone.

    We are a dying breed. We raise issues and discuss but most people nowadays just give out their details, don’t care about their privacy, and certainly don’t care about yours and mine.

    The West is dying. Slowly strangled by do gooders, girly men and complacency. The winners will be the Islamic Caliphate and China who simply play the long game and enforce their views on others. It started in the 80s and we have gone downhill every since. How long will we struggle until we accept the inevitable?

    • October 29, 2019 at 12:57 pm

      Think that about sums it up.

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