October 31st approacheth fast

No tweets no pictures, no links, just thinking this through.

Boris is all about singlehandedly saving the Tory Party by kidding enough of the electorate that he is delivering Brexit, which his Remain agreement clearly isn’t.

That elite level Westminster bubble clearly reveres brinkmanship against implementing policy they were voted in for.

The problem with Nigel is that it’s way too easy to cast him as seventh time lucky MP wannabe, whether or not that’s true. The Tory philosophy is simple – power by any means necessary, then the luxury of vaguely conservative sounding but actually globalist policies by stealth.

The Tories also point out that TBP does not have a platform of policies universally accepted by the crossparty subscribers, not sufficiently to play the party v party game.

Boris certainly has fooled quite a few and I see around the traps that Brexiteers who are Tory really trying to make it all Boris v Corbyn again, whereas earlier, they were all Brexit ra ra ra.

Here across the north, there are still numbers for the red rosette, many talking of TBP, many talking Boris and how manly he’s been. Until a few days ago.

I suspect he actually might have the numbers to form a minority govt. like last time, though then the DUP really does come into calculations.

And the great mass of non-voters and TBP coming second in so many marginals? Nothing changed, Boris PM on the sound of the word Brexit, not its actuality.

Me? He had his chance, he could still do it tomorrow by defying the EU and then he would get back in a landslide with TBP backing. Never say never until two days from now.

The whole thing theatre? Well of course it is. Where does that leave you, the reader? Did you see Salvini get his man in with 60% in a socialist stronghold? Hmmmmmm. That’s Italy.

Here? Impasse I’d say.