The Tourists’ New Dream Destination?

So, where are you heading for your next summer’s holiday?

Egypt’s Sharm-El-Shaik? Where you can take the extra gamble of deciding, once your sun- and fun-filled holiday is over, which flight to return home on: the gamble being whether it will be blown out of the sky or not; by a terror bomb allowed through because the security was virtually none-existent and, hey, they’re just Kuffar!

Jordan? A bomb killed three tourists, and thirty-four foreigners injured; 11 Jordanian soldiers and five terrorists died; but the Foreign Office guidance? You should take extra care, and in the event of an incident, follow the advice of the Jordanian authorities. There’s a heightened risk of terrorism against aviation! So, just a few minor worries for the ordinary family looking for some sun.

Tunisia? Perfectly safe, as long as a copycat wandering Jihadi isn’t allowed to come sauntering up the hotel beach and slaughters 38 tourists with an AK-47 before he is finally shot down by soldiers.

Spain? The favourite tourist destination for SUN readers and Sun worshippers, along with the really upmarket ‘All you can drink along Boozers’ Row’ parties, in such fragrant places as Benidorm, the surprising entry to be a UN World Heritage site, where the discarded condoms leak semen by the gallon. Spain, where the not-so-fragrant remains of the dead , bloodstained Right-wing Dictator Franco have only just been removed from the mausoleum where Nationalists worshipped those bones for decades. Spain, where upwards of 40,000 illegals have swarmed across the Mediterranean from Africa in just two years, inclusive of an estimated 500+ Jihadi sleepers. Yep, just the place to relax, let your hair down, as well as your guard!

Dubai? Just the place for some family fun, despite the strict ‘no booze/no skin showing/no disobeying the Islam rules’ prevalent everywhere apart from the tourist beaches, bars and the brothels. Also tourists should be reminded that calling your ex-husband’s new wife a ‘horse’ is likely to impede your way home; as Dubai residents are somewhat thin-skinned!

So where to go for a new look at a brand-new Tourism hub? The Maldives? Na,a,a,hhh; been there, seen that. The Bahamas? Not on the sides which are likely to be hit by a hurricane! Indonesia? Fair enough, beautiful places, but a population which actively dislikes foreigners, lousy road network, and a diabolically skewed tourist pricing schedule.

So just check out the newest ‘Kid on the Block’. You are told of shining emerald seas, wondrous desert vistas, welcoming locals and a wonderful holiday promised for all who come: if you believe the video!

Yep, Saudi Arabia is offering tourist visas to all, excepting, probably, anyone from Israel. I mean to say, there are limits. Yes, welcome to the world of public flogging, public beheadings, mass arrests by the Religious Police. Welcome to the only country which assassinates its detractors in PUBLIC. Yes. welcome to the country whose interlocked Royal families rule this vast, incredibly rich nation with an ultra-austere set of Wahabbi Islamic values, whose Royal family members are almost legendary for their dissolute and priapic behaviour in Europe and America, but pretend to obey the rules of Islam when inside Saudi. Yes, welcome indeed to the nation who virtually invented the term, “Do as I say, but not what I do!”


2 comments for “The Tourists’ New Dream Destination?

  1. November 1, 2019 at 11:01 am

    Tasmania is nice this time of the year. It gets even nicer in the new year. In fact most of the year its damned fantastic. Azure seas? Tick. White beaches? Tick. Added bonus, there ain’t anyone else on the beach for miles. English speaking? Tick. Phenomenal food? My oath. Best Yacht Race in the World ends there. In fact I can watch the winners crossing the line from my deck. Great end to Christmas.

    Drawback? Its the arse end of nowhere. The size of Ireland but with just 500,000 people.

    Caveat…… please, TELL NO-ONE.

  2. Voice of Reason
    November 1, 2019 at 5:01 pm

    “Do as I say, but not what I do!” This seems to be the motto of the Southern Baptists, who take “Once saved, always saved” to mean that they can do anything they like, once they have accepted Jesus into their hearts.

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