You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

If we put it all together – the current insanity out there, the moral turpitude of the global left, the deep state, the mega churches, the bestial behaviour one to the other, the diabolical narcissism all over the place, plus the plans of the elite for 2020, then it’s not looking so good.

Into this must be added that our generations are slowly dying off and with them go the values upon which civilised society rested, plus the Great Replacement is well underway, quisling pollies are already bowing to pressure from these minorities and the young are being groomed to hate us – hate to say it but that actually features in one of the gospels – what goes round comes round, eh?

Into that, come December 12th in this country and November 2020 in the States, is the Great Betrayal. It’s not specifically Brexit or the Wall, it’s the quite open obfuscation which has sucked so many in.

It’s not unlike a field and in the middle is a giant vortex, a hole, and people are, zombie like, walking towards and falling into – the Pit. Sleepwalking to oblivion.

Utterly stunned how the Tories have trotted out the old Red-Blue two-party scam again, the Corbyn scare, ignoring all else happening and into line behind this imperative file Mogg, Baker, Redwood, everyone we thought was a true Brexiteer, now perfectly happy to be one of the 16%, almost as if they’re Manchurians, perfectly happy to spread the lie that Johnson plans to take us out:

Badger, I think, sums it up for so many of us:

The Bubble completely and utterly fails to see that there are those of us SICK TO DEATH of the lies, the false promises, the old game – no, we are NOT voting Tory, nor Corbyn, nor any of those other clowns in that parliament. ENOUGH of the whole shower of ’em!

2 comments for “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows

  1. john in cheshire
    November 3, 2019 at 10:34 am

    And what is the Conservative party plan for the General Election? It seems to me that all effort will be put into destroying the Brexit party, not the islamic Labour party and not the fascist Liberal Democrat party.

    And I think this time, as with the destruction of UKIP last time, they will succeed.

    But, nothing lasts forever and God will eventually run out of patience. So, what to do? I think all we can do is keep right with God, protect ourselves and our families and have patience.

  2. Lord T
    November 4, 2019 at 11:58 am

    I like the Badger letter as it is something I have heard from several people. Unlike him though I wasn’t that gullible. I knew that May was going to fuck it up right from the start and to me it was obvious, not a shred of doubt was in my mind. Most of our current MPs are traitors and follow non British leadership to the detriment of Britain.

    Now we are in the position where we have a real possibility that Corbyn will be our next PM. That will make a bad situation worse and we caused that. The people that thought it was funny to sign up to the Labour party and vote for that marxist should now be kicking themselves for what they have done. At the time I objected to that as well as Cameron was so much of a clown that that we wanted rid of him and this made a real situation that could allow Corbyn in. It was, as everyone can see now, a shortsighted view that many could easily see would have long term repercussions.

    At this moment in time imo the Tory’s are losing voters who are being split between the Brexit Party and the Tory’s. Johnson is playing hardball because he thinks, due to what is being said in the westminster bubble, that if he rules out a pact then Torys won’t desert him. He is, and always was, a fuckwit. A strangely likeable buffoon that let the chance to become a big name that that would have reverberated through history slip through his grasp. Labour is also losing voters but less so as Labour voters tend to be more tribal, read stupid.

    I’ll be voting Brexit party and if we don’t have a Brexit candidate, Brexit Party or independent, here I won’t be voting. Fuck em. The UK will make its choice and the UK will have to live with that choice. I’m sorry for my kids but it isn’t like I haven’t struggled. I’ll wait for the inevitable violence, which I’ve too much to lose to get involved in, but will have to live with the inevitable backlash of the lack of law and order which has been slipping in for decades now.

    After that I’m done voting. The West is done we are in the declining years our our society and although we could still fix it we won’t. Our society worked great till we got liberals in and their social experiment has failed. The Chinese and Muslims have the right idea and when it gets to the right time the Chinese will crush the West and the Muslims. They are the next stage in our species path.

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