A sense of humour in a leader

Below the Beltway writer Gene Weingarten once wrote of Michael Dukakis, candidate for President:

During the 1987-88 year, Nieman curator Howard Simons took all of us Fellows to meet a man who was running for president. Michael Dukakis … Dukakis was terrific, we said. Impressive. Commanding. Presidential. We were falling all over each other to find adequate superlatives.

Howard heard us all out, then shook his head and said: “Won’t win. No sense of humor.”

On the other side of the fence, the Donald held a rally in Kentucky and this was spoken of by Carlson and Stein:

The Donald’s coming out with great lines at the moment but his major thrust is serious. Contrast that with Horizontal Heels Up Harris and there is a difference [not sure if you can access this video clip but I’ll describe it below]:

In that clip, just as AOC did in a previous clip where she was trying to show everyone just how young and hip she was, also with Theresa May trying to show how unconcerned she was by dancing, also with Hitler dancing a jig when told news of some new devastation – these latter people have elements of The Joker and The Penguin to them, so any lightheartedness and frivolity does not sit well in the light of what they are either doing or are oblivious to.

Harris is a perfect example – her dancing not only does not sit well next to her dissembling actions against Kavanaugh and family, the vicious bitch, but there’s no humour involved in the least. It’s a bitch being lighthearted about the wrong she’s wreaking.

I’m not sure if the Donald has writers and staff who coin the phrases or whether it’s all his doing but the essential difference is that most of his positions are serious and for the good of the nation in real terms, e.g. the Wall, the economy, clearing the swamp, while Harris is truly psychopathic in her OTT ‘dancing’ – there’s something over-earnest about wrongdoers when frivolous.

Cut to Johnson and Farage and the thing Boris has over Nigel is humorous turn of phrase, but we really need to look closely at that.

Boris is pushing a bad deal and cajoling people with a bonhomie and a ‘come on, chaps’ manner which worked in the past.

Nigel can be, just as with many of us, with me in particular, a bit humourless at times, straight for the jugular – well let’s face it, most of the time – though Nigel’s not without an appreciation of humour.

And were we to defend Nigel as ‘straight down the line’, surely  fine thing, then what of his succession of lovers, his succession of young, nubile aides, his break-up with his wife? Boris is not alone in his extracurricular activities. Come to think of it, my own record is not too hot.

So what TH am I driving at? Probably that unless the person is human in people’s eyes, unless the person is essentially pursuing values and feeling things as others are, he hasn’t all that much traction in the long haul.

Nowhere is that more vigorously underscored than in bloody feminists. There are some epithets just crying out for the intensifier ‘bloody’ – the Midland Bank was one – but feminazis richly deserve it, along with countless other pejoratives.

Take this for example:

Yes, please take her and dump her in California’s sewerage system. And it never ends. Wasn’t going to run this below but now feel needs must:


This post is too long already, that last one’s reserved for a stand-alone post.

Methinks what it comes down to is an expression I nicked long ago and can’t recall who said it but it goes something like this:  “You know, X, I do find your irresistible charm really quite resistible, eminently so.”

I suppose it’s which side of the line we’re on whether we embrace someone’s manner due to the general thrust he/she has or whether a person just grates. For me, Harris grates, at least Pelosi never tries to come over as a fun gal, whereas the Donald is forgivable, Clinton W not.

Will Boris push his excrescence of a Treaty through and should the EU enslave us in perpetuity, gorging itself on our resources, will the Donald appal his way back for a second term? Your guess is probably better than mine.

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  1. john in cheshire
    November 6, 2019 at 8:32 am

    James, I’m of the opinion that a matriarchy is being imposed on most if not all Western countries; that is, those that were conventionally known as Christian countries.

    The matriarchy is not Biblical so that could be part of the explanation. Matriarchal societies are pagan. Collectivism tends to be matriarchal in nature. The Roman Catholic Church is both matriarchal in its worship of Mary and pagan in its adoption of so many pagan rituals.

    Whatever the reasons, if we are to halt this descent into tyranny, men are going to have to regain their true role in life; not the muslim role but the Biblical role.

    • November 6, 2019 at 9:00 am

      I agree, many will not.

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