Armistice Day

This post is at 10:40 a.m. First, a quick potted history for the 20 minutes until 11 a.m.:

And at 11 a.m., you might like to just click play:

For just afterwards

Clement Attlee, the Labour PM, pushed this Sunday business through in 1946, for the convenience of politicians, although officially to commemorate all wars where our people fell.  Presumably that includes Agincourt and Bannockburn.

For long afterwards, not wishing to run a separate post

Assuming it is now some time after 11 a.m., then looking at the future defence of the UK is meet and proper and if we cast our gaze at the field of candidates in this general election, they fall this way:

For remaining at Germany’s and other countries’ mercy:

Tories, Labour, LibDims, Greens, SNP, other leftists, all Remoaners.

For leaving and strengthening Britain’s defences:

Just the Brexit Party.

Boris’s Surrender document is below here, just in case you were wondering:

D. Defence capabilities development

102.The future relationship should benefit from research and industrial cooperation between the Parties’ entities in specific European collaborative projects to facilitate interoperability and to promote joint effectiveness of Armed Forces.

EU Army. You might like to read the sections on defence [near the end of the political statement, that’s how important it is to Boris] and on fisheries.