“It’s Someone Else’s Fault..!”

Iheanacho was convicted in 2017 of murdering Alex and sentenced to life in jail. In a note written from prison, he said probation staff had been aware of his temper, and issues with drugs and alcohol.

“My probation worker did not do enough to help me settle down again,” he wrote. “Why did my probation officer not inform Liliya? If she had, things might be very different.”

Why did you not inform the lady that you were a beast? Because then you would be able to sleep with her?

Alex’s mother, Liliya Breha, said probation officers had not warned her about his violent history or told her that he was barred from having unsupervised access to children under 16.

Was she incapable of using Google? Were there really no signs? Was the first ever time he attacked her the day she tried to call an ambulance for her son?

I find that very surprising…

In September an inquest jury found that a series of errors related to the privatisation of the probation service, introduced by Chris Grayling when he was lord chancellor, had “contributed to the death”.

Breha’s solicitors, Birnberg Peirce, are now preparing a claim for damages against the Ministry of Justice .

That’ll be the poor bloody taxpayer, then…

“The inquest hearing was so traumatic for me,” Breha said. “I relived every detail of the tragedy. At night, I cannot sleep, I have nightmares and have constant images of Alex. I feel so let down by probation. Why was I not told of the previous violence against women and girls? It was their responsibility to keep this monster away from me and the public. They had all my information so there is no excuse for not telling me. I will be taking legal action for these failings.”

So your child is dead because you spread your legs for a man with a history of violence, and somehow, it entitles you to stick your hand in my pocket and rummage around for spare change?