“Freeze! This Is A Raid! Where’s The Bibles, Vicar? You’re Bang To Rights!”

For more than 20 years, he has displayed a banner proclaiming his Christian beliefs while preaching the Gospel at Speaker’s Corner.

But last Sunday, at the nation’s historic home of free speech, two police officers told Roland Parsons he could no longer show his slogans and ordered him to remove them.

He was told to take down his banner saying ‘The blood of Jesus Christ’ and a Biblical family tree going back to Adam and Eve.

But fear not! This isn’t going to mean every church and hotel room is raided to remove offensive Bible quotes.

This is, apparently, down to Royal Park regulations.

Mr Parsons – who travelled to London from his Gloucester home with his wife Frances, 74 – was told he was in breach of Royal Parks regulations banning the display of printed material.

But he says the police ignored other large notices displayed nearby.

Anyone else wondering just what those other notices said? Or why the police are cracking down after turning a blind eye for 20 years?

Lawyer Raj Chada of Hodge Jones & Allen said he could have a case under human rights legislation.

‘As long as the message is not offensive, I struggle to see how these regulations are compliant under the Convention on Human Rights,’ he said. ‘They may be unlawful.’

Mike Phillips, legal adviser to Christian Concern, added: ‘If you are doing something which has been allowed for many years, and suddenly the authorities prohibit it, then arguably they are acting outside their powers.’

This could be a very interesting case.

2 comments for ““Freeze! This Is A Raid! Where’s The Bibles, Vicar? You’re Bang To Rights!”

  1. Tcheuchter
    November 22, 2019 at 3:36 pm

    Am I right in thinking musselmen may display whatever they want?

    • Stonyground
      November 23, 2019 at 12:35 pm

      Probably, as well as being allowed to block the streets with their arses in the air.

      Having said that, street preachers of any stripe are tedious gonks. Do they really think that we haven’t heard their absurd fairy stories before? If I was remotely interested in their religion do they think that I don’t know how to find a church?

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