The ‘Guardian’ Picking Losers. Again…

I lay there in agony and screamed abuse at the top of my lungs while two care staff had their knees in my back. I guess it was my own fault for throwing that coffee cup across the room.

Errr, yes. Yes, it was.

But since this is yet another ‘Guardian’ article where comments aren’t allowed, the readers can’t tell you that.

The police came and handcuffed me while I was still trapped under the weight of the staff. A night in the cells and a police caution was the result. Don’t get me wrong, I was very difficult back then. I probably deserved a bollocking and a grounding. Being made to pay for the cup I broke would have been justified too, but I don’t think the rugby tackle and handcuffs were necessary.

People who can’t behave often do think that. Everyone else thinks ‘Serves you right!’…

I was arrested several times after that, either for more petulant outbursts or getting swept up with the other kids causing havoc.

So, you didn’t learn? How is that anyone else’s fault?

I remember one boy I lived with in a children’s home was arrested because he decided to throw chairs down the stairs. I saw him get arrested several times after this, and each time for something more serious. Eventually he was sent to a young offender institution for beating up two members of staff with another boy after threatening them with a fake handgun.

Clearly, none of you can learn. So care homes, prisons, mental hospitals, etc are the right places for you.

But this transition from misbehaving child to criminal could have been avoided if care staff were truly acting in loco parentis. Once you’re told you’re a criminal, you start to believe it. And to compound this, being locked up for such trivial offences gave kids the, often correct, impression that staff didn’t care about them.

No, once you behave as a criminal, you’re treated like one. And we don’t care about criminals. Shape up, or ship out!

Locking up kids doesn’t help care staff either. If you’re working in a children’s home and you’re fond of dialling 999, understand that this isn’t helping you in the long term – as well as alienating the kids you’re supposed to be looking after, you’re also alienating yourself. Every time the members of staff who got me arrested were on shift, I’d either completely ignore them or go out of my way to torment them.

A hopeless case, clearly. Some people just are

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  1. Itellyounothing
    November 27, 2019 at 4:48 pm

    What’s clear is that none of the penalties were sufficient as either protection for others or rehabilitation……

    So the obvious mitigation becomes, preventing whatever fuckwits spawned that from breeding again, ensuring the horror itself works long hours of hard physical labour to gain food water and shelter and making sure that has to be done a long way from the rest of us……

    Or sentence them to a life time writing drivel for the Guardian came home for idiot SJW journos……

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