Surprise: Muslim Jihadi lies, then kills the fools who thought Jihadis were nice guys, but ‘just misunderstood’

The dead are not even cold, as they lie in the morgues, before the tributes to the gullible are being scattered around like buckshot. “ the organisers were present at Fishmongers’ Hall, and added: “Of course they [organisers] are absolutely devastated by what’s happened. “ as well as “”Jack lived his principles; he believed in redemption and rehabilitation, not revenge, and he always took the side of the underdog.”; and “Miss Jones, a volunteer with Learning Together from Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, was described as having a “great passion” for providing support to victims of crime by her family.” The headlines talk about two ‘Idealists’. I would prefer the alternate term, ‘Do-Gooders’

We are also told, in grave and saddened tones, that a vigil shall be held in remembrance of the dead and injured, as well as the brave public respondents who hosed the stupid bastard down before the police ramped up, and by those armed police shooting the scumbag in the head; DID WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE EIGHT YEARS AGO!

The clowns who sat, posing in all their Liberal stupidity, in the Fishmongers’ Hall, were discussing  prisoner rehabilitation schemes such as ‘Learning together’. Well, being blunt, I hope they have learnt something concrete about the gullible being led by the stupid; but I doubt it very, very much. Just concentrate, for a second, and ask yourselves why this murderous piece of garbage was sent to prison in the first place. He, along with his eight co-conspirators,  were convicted of planning to set Pipe Bombs in or around the London Stock Exchange. The four would-be murderers from Stoke all did a ‘deal’ with the CPS and the Judge, whereby they were told what maximum sentence they would get if they pleaded guilty. Upon the ‘deal’ being made, the trial was halted, the jury dismissed, and the agreed sentences imposed. The ‘DEAL’ was done, and instead of a regular trial, where the ferocious intent of these murderous Muslims would have been brought out in open court, they were allowed to plead ‘guilty’, and the sentences were quietly imposed with virtually no publicity at all. However, the Judge, because Usman Khan was said to be more dangerous, his sentence was said to be ‘Indeterminate’. This meant that the total time of the sentence could be increased, if the prisoner showed no possibility of repentance.


Khan, along with Nazam Hussain and Mohammed Shahjahan, appealed against their sentences and had the indeterminate sentences dropped by the Court of Appeal in 2013.

Lord Justice Leveson found the original decision had “wrongly characterised” the three men as more dangerous than the other defendants.

In his judgment, he wrote: “Although we recognise that training terrorists in the use of firearms could only lead to potential loss of life… the fulfilment of that goal was further removed and there were other obstacles.” Mr Justice Leveson ruled the three men should have been given determinate extended sentences, finding that Shahjahan now had to serve 17 years and eight months and Khan and Hussain had to serve 16 years.

The nine men sentenced in February 2012 were sentenced under law from 2003, which said people given extended sentences would be released on licence at the midway point..This meant that Khan only had to physically spend eight years in prison, taking into account the 408 days he was behind bars before his trial. The law covering extended sentences was changed in December 2012, but Mr Justice Leveson used the previous law in the appeal as it was the one used at the original sentence.

Mr Justice Leveson, sitting with Mr Justice Mitting and Mr Justice Sweeney at the appeal, said: “There is an argument for concluding that anyone convicted of such an offence should be incentivised to demonstrate that he can safely be released; such a decision is then better left to the parole board for consideration proximate in time to the date when release becomes possible.”

However, he then decided that while the risk to the public was clear, the three Stoke defendants were no more dangerous than their co-defendants – who were then eligible for automatic release without involvement from the parole board.

So Khan went free after eight years, and he fooled the gullible Social Justice camp by even writing bloody poetry; but the single worse thing was to follow, HE GOT PERMISSION TO TRAVEL TO LONDON TO ATTEND THE FISHMONGERS’ HALL MEETING UNACCOMPANIED. 


The rest is history. He tied one knife to his hand with tape, then armed with two knives, he began his murderous rampage against the very people who had so foolishly given him their trust. Fortunately, there were some individuals with bigger balls than normally issued; they tackled him, and forced him out of the meeting hall; trained fire extinguishers upon him, and held him until the police arrived. Upon sight of the fake ‘bomb-jacket’ he was wearing, the police took the only action possible: they shot the murderous bastard in the head.

But what should we, as a nation, learn from this atrocity? A few things, to my own mind.

  • No terrorist should ever be believed.
  • The ‘Do-gooders’ of this world should be rudely woken up, and told their ‘services’ are no longer needed.
  • The law should be changed so that well-meaning but stupid Judges cannot overturn a sentence, even though they might not like it.
  • The Justice system must be turned to face reality, and that any convicted terrorist should face life, and what is more ‘LIFE WITHOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE’!
  • An acceptance, by ALL Political Parties, that Radical Muslim Terrorism exists as a factor, and there should be no accommodation for this murderous philosophy.

4 comments for “Surprise: Muslim Jihadi lies, then kills the fools who thought Jihadis were nice guys, but ‘just misunderstood’

  1. December 3, 2019 at 11:08 am

    As I just pointed out over at mine, this bloke’s dad is the new Brendan Cox.

  2. Mona
    December 3, 2019 at 11:31 am

    You forgot to add Khan is in orbit having a great time after being rewarded by Allah with so many virgins, could miss Jones be one “just learning together”.

  3. Penseivat
    December 3, 2019 at 3:01 pm

    Under Islam, it is considered acceptable to lie, cheat, or steal, if it furthers the cause of Islam. It is called ‘taqiyya’, and Muslims have used this many times over the centuries. Their camel stealing, murdering, raping, paedophilic, cult leader was proud of how he fooled his enemies through taqiyya, especially when it resulted in their torture, slavery, or death. You can not stop a parasite from being a parasite without killing it, and you can not stop a Muslim jihadist from being a Muslim jihadist. If they claim to have changed, just ask them what ‘taqiyya’ means.

  4. December 4, 2019 at 1:36 am

    Britain is a wealthy place, with well-heeled people who seem to have sufficient ‘left-over’ monies to house and feed murderous scum for the rest of said MS’ lives. I ask why it is that we only condemn ‘do-gooders’ for their mouthings while endorsing state and taxpayer sponsored do-gooding from our depleting pockets? Don’t bother to answer that. I say Hang terrorists. Or shoot them. The FMJ is the way. Heck, even they, the terrorists, will agree with such a policy. It will get them to Allah and their 72 virgins all the quicker and it will save the taxpayer mucho moolah (see, I speak multiculti).

    Deradicalisation? Repentence? Do me a favour. I am all for giving them a week’s grace to find repentence before they are hanged. But no more. Deradicalisation !!! Hah ! Which nong thought that one up?

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