Yeah, OK, I Think We’ll Do Alright Without You…

Asiya Islam on the ‘unfairness’ of the Home Office visa rules:

Since my case has been reported widely, I have been approached by several individuals with very similar cases who have fought and won drawn-out, complicated and expensive battles against the Home Office. While some of these cases have had media attention, many others have not.

The common reason for refusal has been the applicant spending time out of the country doing essential research that ultimately contributes to UK universities and the economy.

So, who is Asiya Islam? What vital role does she fulfil here?

Asiya Islam is a junior research fellow at Newnham College, University of Cambridge. She is a sociologist interested in socio-economic change, work and employment, and gender and class relations.

Yeah, I think we’ve got more than enough of those. Send her back, and employ a few plumbers instead.

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  1. Valentine Gray
    December 5, 2019 at 9:11 am

    Asiya Islam,went abroad to study sociology, utter bullshit, she had enough psycho rapists, fanatics,murders of her religion to study here she could have swopped places with Miss Jones and learned something she may not have had time to regret. It has been government policy for some time to put its citizens in danger by importing rapists, murderers and parasites.

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