Has the desire for Brexit dissipated?

Firstly, purdah – when does it start and whom does it apply to?


I see nothing in there concerning social media use by private citizens and notice that Twitter is going full bore this morning on the GE.

Consider these two – are these not the main concern?  As they relate to jobs, wages and NHS services?



That concern does not seem to be reflected in the polls but that’s when you realise that the cited polls are either Tory run, e.g. YouGov, or pro-Tory MSM polls.

And they’re inventing a ‘closing of the gap’ to frighten people even more. The Corbyn fear tactic is huge with the Uniparty, plus the eternal notion that there are only two possible parties – Blue or Red.

Why on earth, if people seem concerned by immigration, would they vote for Blue, Red, Yellow or Green, all who promise to do nothing about it?  Yes, Boris has lamely said yesterday he would do something about low skilled migrants, big deal – within days of the election?

Logically, you’d have to vote Purple, Turquoise or whatever Anne Marie’s is.

Ah, but they can’t form a government.  Well Turquoise certainly can’t now.  Did Farage cave in or was there no more money to cover all constituencies, no machine?  Ann Widdecombe driving her own car down the road with a turquoise flag?

I believe many would have voted Brexit while they were on a roll and standing in almost all seats.  And then the strategic thing – if the money was not there, the big donors gone, then target properly.  The Turquoise targetting was all wrong.

Yet I still come back to that question – if you wish for immigration to be slashed and pressure taken off jobs and the NHS, then why on earth would you vote Uniparty?  For what reason?  And since when does voting Uniparty Remain assist with the immigration crisis?

This bizarre idea that the Tories are delivering Brexit, where does that come from?  You’ve all seen it is no such thing.

I saw something on Twitter in one constituency which had a lot of dancers in turquoise and the blurb said that this was the more friendly way to attract people to vote for TBP.  Really?  Dancing?

Nigel’s a meanie, said hurtful things to Annunziata, no one loves a meanie?

In the end, I suppose it’s the fear of Corbyn which has done the trick, if the MSM is to be believed. Ah, but are they to be believed?  Maybe 30% will vote Brexit Party where they can?  This is the most bizarre GE in a long time.

Anyone actually believe Boris?

3 comments for “Has the desire for Brexit dissipated?

  1. Valentine Gray
    December 8, 2019 at 11:31 am

    The EU orders countries to accept their immigration quotas (ie) left wing voters. We will be very lucky if Boris wins with Nigel holding the balance of power. The DWP has registered 750,000 migrant workers every year for the last five years check the DWP figures?, how many migrants will be imported to pay for their pensions, overpopulation is the greatest threat to humanity, if we do not deal with this issue pro-actively Nature has brutal ways to deal with it, as Albert Einstein wrote ” The problems that exist in the World today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them”.

    • December 8, 2019 at 6:43 pm

      There’s certainly a reckoning soon.

  2. Mona
    December 8, 2019 at 8:12 pm

    Where is Dianne Abbott I miss her wit so much why doesn’t blubber boy Andrew Neil interview her, they might confuse each other with facts and figures, Neil might be great with facts but Dianne is great with figures.

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