Imminent disaster

The hardest thing perhaps is to self-examine dispassionately.  On the blog, it involves looking at ourselves as a population and why we can’t seem to get anywhere against Them.

One of the most important articles at the moment is this:

… not just for what Dellers wrote but also for some of the insightful comments below, especially from Americans. I just feel that if we non MSM journos do not, then we’re being derelict in our duty.

Steering past misconceptions

Obstacle one is clearing the head of misconceptions and so, opposed views need looking at as well and if necessary, taking onboard … but not everyone can be dispassionate in this sort of failure analysis. I’ll give it a shot.

Understanding influence

Each of us would like our view to be embraced and adopted – many views, many ways. In 2010, Norman Tebbit took a quick look at the Albion Alliance and concluded “no traction”, which was true. It did have some with UKIP PPCs but was met with a brick wall by Tory and Labour.

Why did Voltaire have influence? Well yes, he could write but he also encapsulated a national feeling and in turn, he twisted it.  Plus he was in thrall to the ruling hidden state, even the occult state. And what of those swimming against the tide, e.g. Kepler?

On the surface, he was part of the New Age of Reasoning but it became apparent that he was not going to help “the revolution in ideas” all that much, not the way the evil power wished, the same power now in charge and causing what we see out there.

Spot why that might be in this paragraph:

Kepler lived in an era when there was no clear distinction between astronomy and astrology, but there was a strong division between astronomy (a branch of mathematics within the liberal arts) and physics (a branch of natural philosophy). Kepler also incorporated religious arguments and reasoning into his work, motivated by the religious conviction and belief that God had created the world according to an intelligible plan that is accessible through the natural light of reason.

Every man of ideas [or these days, women too] is influenced before in turn influencing but if your ideas do not advance an agenda, they are at first ignored, then discarded, pooh-poohed and finally suppressed. Suppression can be simply through non-inclusion.

Influence is dependent on enough people already in a position of influence, e.g. a patron, e.g. a Constantine, e.g. Mozart’s patrons, being influenced to carry them forward. Those containing any element not generally embraced – and you can see that idea in that paragraph – falls by the wayside.  I’d suggest there are few, if any, truly openminded individuals in positions of influence.

And so to Dellers

#  Had Jeremy Corbyn’s Marxists won — as so many 18-24-year-old voters hoped — it would, of course, have been a disaster for Britain. 

But at least it would have proved a salutary lesson to all those university-brainwashed kids who think the only problem with communism is that hasn’t been tried properly yet.

“Well we did warn you!” we could have said to Araminta in her tattered ‘Fuck Boris’ t-shirt, as she tucked ruefully into her pony Che. “Now you know what fully automated luxury communism tastes like.”

Don’t know who this Araminta is – the female SJW MIllennial or post-Millennial who started her Exorcist Linda Blair’s foul-mouthed rant which went viral over the weekend, was Annabelle Lea. They’re all of a type now, satan’s little helpers:

This picture was posted by St Greta herself by the way.

And that is what has been done to youth.  For an earlier example, there is Charlotte Church at a Christmas special some years back.  At one time she would sing carols like an angel, then she went Miley Cyrus and on national television talked of how she wouldn’t mind shoving the decoration atop the tree up her own chimney. Charming – her audience included many a returned serviceman or woman, many grandparents, many young children – did she care?

#  So what is to be done to counter the menace of our home-grown Red Guard?  The answer surely starts with educational reform.  

I agree with Peter Hitchens that, despite his carefully cultivated image as a ‘Third Way’ moderate, Tony Blair always remained the hardcore Trotskyite he was at university. Nowhere was this more evident than in his policy of rapidly expanding the universities, to the point where now around 50 per cent of school leavers go to university (whereas before Blair, it was closer to 10 per cent).  The effect of this — as I’m quite sure Blair was hoping — was to create a powerful electoral bloc of brainwashed little Marxists.

Kids who, before, would have gone on from school to apprenticeships or other trainee schemes or just started earning wages, paying tax and saving for a mortgage, are now frittering away their early twenties on borrowed money few of them are ever likely to repay, while having their impressionable heads filled by left-wing academics with post-modernist, Marxist drivel about identity politics, microaggressions, intersectionality and entrenched social injustice.

Yep.  Did you see who were in the protests against the electoral result?

#  As Toby Young reports for Quillette, graduates tend to vote much more left than the broader population:

One of the other startling features of the opinion polls was Labour’s lead among graduates. As a general rule, the higher the concentration of graduates in an area, the more likely it was to skew Left on Thursday — and vice versa. (Labour held on to Canterbury.)

It was always leftwing in universities, I can vouch for that, I was one of ’em, heading up a group called Anarchist Revolutionary Students in Education – we sent out demands written on loo roll – and in my spare time, was a signed up Fabian, also a Young Conservative for the partying.

The issue now is total numbers in higher education – both a money vacuum cleaner for the tenured leftist professors and lecturers and a surefire portal into the hearts and minds of youth from 5 to 23.  And beyond of course.

And as we all know – that is why the left are desperate for votes for 16 year olds and in the States – also votes for illegals and the dead.

And so on to the comments

#  Any teacher/ lecturer who broke ranks in the UK would be treated as was the scientist in the Chernobyl enquiry who told the truth. You would become a non person.

#  The moment the west started to lie to itself and pretend that
Someone Else should take the responsibility, was the moment it lost.

#  It’s up to parents to raise their younglings. Not the damn government.

Yes, true, but what if the parents are Millennial and post-Millennial female nutters and the men pussified, with wispy beards and Jesus sandals?  What hope for that child?  What point home schooling?

#  Christian principles foster individualism and individual, personal responsibility.

He might have added ‘accountability’ but wherefore then the Church and its thou shalt do as the pointy-hatted Statists decree, thou shalt worship as the State decrees and only read those chapters they’ve selected for you?

#  How do you sell the idea to the British who hold that Christianity is the Worst Thing ‘eva’ and that the meaning of life is ‘getting yer rocks off before ya snuff it’?

Yes, it’s not just non-Christian now in this country but anti-Christian, there are other gods people are worshipping, from Big Science to SJWism to getting the rocks off at all costs … with anyone.  Think they’re calling it polyamorism or some such these days. A biblical name for it might be Sodom and Gomorrah.

But that American’s own homeland is not so immune.  Yes, there’s a bible belt down south but even there, I’m hearing tales of those slewing the whole thing away from scriptural precepts to the same World Religion the young are being made to worship from age 5, including whole classes bowing down to Allah and attending drag performances. The examining eye should be on every one of those new teachers and how they were ever appointed … and by whom.

#  “The” British? Don’t insult ALL of us by blaming every Brit for the madness of the past three years. The fascist faux liberalism could almost have taken hold last Thursday but for the Brits with true grit who actually care about their offsprings’ future who did the right thing.

Just as in WWs 1 and 2 when the chips were down. It was the Brits who dug in first. Finally.


And finally here, otherwise this will go on for days, nothing stated in these two posts is any great surprise, it breaks no new ground, it just reiterates, perhaps more clearly, what we face.

We are dying off, satan’s little helpers will gain the vote. I grew up once I started working – will they?  Will they ever work, by the way?  And if they do work, how will they influence their workplace?