When they decide to do you in

Those in the public sphere are not just BoJo, Corbyn, the Donald and the DemRats as you know – there are many lesser lights who are easier to remove and suppress because they’re softer targets without the infrastructure to back them and protect them.

Nigel was clearly trying to crowdfund as the Donald was in the sense of not kowtowing to big donors and I just read an article now on a meeting which took place between Senators who may well vote against the Donald in the Senate when it gets there.

Reasons are always the same:

1. He stands in the way of the Agenda;
2. He stands to convict many GOP as well as DemRat if he gets back.

In the Donald’s case, they are up against 63m who voted for him and numbers say it’s more now. In the case of Martin and Brittany Selner, they’re much softer targets and once that sort of thing starts, it’s very difficult to come back from. Brittany has her Catholic faith to sustain her, Martin I don’t know.

As someone who has followed them for a long time, just their association with Tommy Robinson was sufficient to have them detained over a weekend in London, as readers will recall but it came to nothing. And this one now by the Austrian govt. also came to nothing, – who knows with Roger Stone or General Flynn what will happen?

What is stupid about it is that, as youtube vloggers, the Selners are pretty transparent, it’s not as if every demonstration and everything written has not been scrutinised, just as mine have been scrutinised, just as any blogger or tweeter has been scrutinised to the nth degree. I am regularly messed with by Twitter HQ and there is a case right now of an American KAG lady, typical profile, who’s been taken down for ridiculous things, i.e. she supported Trump but more importantly, the Donald said thanks to her.

The wording of the takedown is just ridiculous – a threat to Twitter?

The dismaying thing is how quickly the champions of the people are forgotten by them – Alex Jones, Tommy Robinson are two who spring to mind.  The way to get some is calling them Zionist, the way to get others is to call them Islamophobic, racist, sexist, whatever.  One word assaults condemn it seems today.

They need to watch donors

I’d just say to the Selners that they really must be more careful with donors but to be fair to them – how were they to know that a couple of those donating would go on to commit acts?  Or to extend that – were actually state assets, Manchurians.  I can’t see how any vlogger or blogger can guard against bad ‘uns coming in, ostensibly to support but actually to taint.

That’s what the overturning of the Austrian actions is all about in the youtube above.