He’s Cassandra!

Aditya Chakrabortty knew all along, people!

…here’s my confession. I never foresaw the scale of this wipeout – and what it spells for our already failing economy, fractured society and battered democracy frankly scares me. Yet the reporting I’ve done – both in this election and before – made me almost sure Labour was going to lose, and in precisely those areas that are all over the front pages. What were called its heartlands, at least until Thursday night. The Bolsovers, the Bishop Aucklands. The un-metropolitan, unfashionable, never-kissed-a-Tory land that would, as the old saw goes, elect a donkey if it wore a red rosette.

Ah, if only they’d listened to you, eh?

…this week’s meltdown is the culmination of trends that stretch back decades. They were Corbyn’s poisoned inheritance, not his creation – but any leader who wants to win back those seats will have to deal with them better than he managed.

That…won’t be difficult, surely?

Giving workers stakes in firms, a green new deal, free broadband: each one came well-intentioned but bedecked in question marks. Any radicalism that fails to ask the really thorny questions isn’t radical at all. In Britain in 2019, those include: against rampant inequality and climate change, what’s the economy for? What do the public actually want from politics and economics?

It’s crystal clear: They want Brexit and capitalism.

4 comments for “He’s Cassandra!

  1. Stonyground
    December 18, 2019 at 10:23 am

    They just don’t get it do they? Their policies are guaranteed to end in disaster with a wrecked economy and the people that they so want to help left worse off than they were to start with. Enough people realise this for them to be destroyed in a free and fair election. But they can’t get their heads around the fact that it is the shit policies that are the problem. They just keep agonising over how they can get their shit policies implemented if nobody votes for them.

    • December 30, 2019 at 8:21 am

      They don’t, and they never will.

  2. djm
    December 18, 2019 at 9:52 pm

    Has she left the country yet ?

    I’m sure she categorically said she would rather die in a ditch than stay in the UK if the vile Toreeeesss prevailed12/12……..

    Or was that just another meedja soundbite ?

    • December 30, 2019 at 8:22 am

      As many people have left the UK since #BorisWin as left the US after #TrumpWin…

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