Talking up the economy

Boris has various motives for talking up Britain:

1. To win an election.

2.  Because the population was getting close to peak disgruntlement, even a certain restlessness and it’s wise for the PTB to pull back from that with faux hope offered the people.

3.  Because talking up, with a fickle population, can result in the very thing your talking up – see Roosevelt versus the doom-mongers.  Trick is though that Them must first give you the go-ahead.  Eleanor Roosevelt was Illuminati, hubby was far worse.  There’s no money to be made when there’s no money circulating. They have to have a boom again to build up sufficient to take away from the people again later.

4.  Getting the economy to boom is a surefire way to get the population, once again, politically lazy and thus things like betraying Brexit and the like are hidden behind the euphoria.  Bread and circuses, or in this case – jobs, easing of austerity, making him a hero.  Give Nigel his gong, get him out of the way, silly man.  No more EU Parlmt forum for him.

I’ve been urging people to look behind the rhetoric at the actual proposals, e.g. the fishing, defence forces, HS2, Boris Bridge, climate change and so on – he can only get away with those if the people are happy about something else.