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Johnson’s strong showing in the recent election which secured the Tories its biggest majority since the days of Margaret Thatcher should have set the stage for the great Brexit bait and switch. This analysis should have been the correct one given the staunch opposition by the political elite in the U.K. to Brexit.  But something has changed.

If no trade deal happens between then and the end of 2020, the U.K. leaves on WTO terms and the so-called Hard Brexit happens. Hard Brexit is back on the table and Parliament has been sidelined.

The writer of that article, erroneously thinking the Guardian good source material, misses the context of Johnson’s make-up.  For a start, the prime directive with Boris, from an early age, was always to become PM, then to become the Great One Nation Statesman, which is also Nigel’s shtick.  This is not to say Nigel is not all for Brexit but to be the Beloved Leader of the People’s Army was always right up there vying with the Cause itself.

The Donald?  Your surmise might be better but he seems to be more into winning first, beating any who oppose him, then MAGA, then the Great Statesman with adoring followers, unless of course, going left field for a moment, he is the anti-Christ not yet conscious of it.

Boris though seems to me to want to be the beloved saver of the Tories more than of the nation, but if No Deal Brexit goes a long way towards achieving that, then why not?

There’s another factor and that’s the stick between Farage and the Tories – they really do detest him usurping the conservative tag and making them look part of the left morass, even though they are.  A Tory, as distinct from a conservative, always shies away from any tinfoil hattery, any sort of ‘out there’ politics, e.g. of the Senator William Jenner kind in 1954 – it’s all steady as she goes and let’s not rock the boat with Tories, whereas real conservatives will call out wrongdoing and want to drain swamps.

Real conservatives are the greatest subversives on the planet.

As for the Tories, no one likes to lose his or her seat, so that’s the prime directive in each little MP’s mind.




Also Vox:


The key is to a) be armed, b) be aware, and c) do not hesitate to act when necessary. Both the usher and the first responder were suspicious, and both had the opportunity to put themselves at a tactical advantage by moving closer in the first instance and surreptitiously drawing in the second, but unfortunately, neither of them acted on their initial suspicions. It’s completely understandable, of course, but even so, their failure to act on their suspicions cost them dearly.



John Connor is correct about those early seconds. When the hoodie wearing perp first stood up, mid-service, and started fiddling around, those church members tasked with security should have been moving on the perp. Not necessarily with guns drawn, but aware that the perp was not acting in a normal manner during that particular portion of the church service. A missed signal.

Look at the perp – white male carrying a concealed gun. Anyone paying attention would know that this covers two main agenda planks – firstly the hated white male who must be humiliated and eliminated and secondly, the ending of 2A and the carrying of weapons.

It’s precisely because it so neatly serves Them’s agenda that it’s so deeply suspicious and the words ‘sleeper’ and ‘Manchurian’ spring to mind, also ‘asset’.

If one accepts that almost nothing in this field is by chance – something so many still refuse to accept – then it’s fairly clear that yes, there are certainly random nutters who will do these things in a copycat way and a few might escape notice, but there are also sleeping assets and if time passes and no nutter has done the ‘right thing’ by Them in a while, then time to activate an asset, innit?

Neither you nor I really know which is which – the random nutter or the asset – plus the jihadi is a rich vein of atrocity in him or herself – the most logical group for Them to force-import, relying on Millennials and post-Millennials with their now dysfunctional schoolkid brains to stymie dissenting oldies on the other side.

How does the Squad in the US, by the way, have so much power and influence? Because the hidden hand is propping them up, despite their meatheadedness and utter lack of morality. What for? The Agenda of course.

Is the gun the issue? Not in the least – look at the knife crime in Khan’s hell hole, look how, in a crowded people place, a killer will just stab someone in a frenzy.

Purpose? Twofold. Firstly, to deeply unsettle the population. Let’s face it, one is always wary now in crowded places – the IRA thugs showed how that was done. Secondly, to produce that neo-Hegelian outcry for ‘something to be done’.

And that ‘something’ is confiscating weapons and/or creating defiance of the dictum, thereby turning ordinary people into outlaws. Calling Robin Hood again. And as the Jo Cox story showed – the weapon is irrelevant, it’s the agenda which is everything.

Disarming those churchgoers is useless – would it stop that killer? He’d use a Molotov if de-gunned. It’s only ever the innocent disarmed – the crims and nutters are always armed.

But you knew that.

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  1. Voice of Reason
    December 31, 2019 at 6:36 pm

    I don’t think that Donald Trump is the anti-Christ. Pence would be closer. However, Trump might be a rather vicious Mr. Magoo.

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