I Guess We Now Know Who They Work For….

…and it isn’t ‘the best interests of the UK’:

Sir Bryan, who was a leading university professor, wanted to give £800,000 to Winchester in Hampshire and £400,000 to Dulwich in south London.

A Winchester spokesman said: ‘Acceptance of a bequest of this nature would neither be in the interests of the school as a charity nor the interests of those it aims to support through its work.’

Translation: ‘We’re working against everything England was, in order to bring about an England we prefer’.

The Dulwich board was clearly able to think on their feet a bit quicker:

A spokesman for Dulwich College said: ‘Bursaries are an engine of social mobility and they should be available to all who pass our entrance examinations.’

Which would be fair enough, but….what about this?

Last year a scholarship at Cambridge University, funded by grime star Stormzy, offered financial support for black British students.

Once again, double standards are the only ones that matter for progressives.

Sir Bryan told The Times: ‘If Cambridge University can accept a much larger donation in support of black students, why cannot I do the same for under-privileged white British?

‘Winchester said it would harm its reputation by accepting my bequest, but in my opinion it would gain enormously by being seen to address what is the severe national problem of the underperforming white cohort in schools.’

That’s what they don’t want to change. And we all know why…

2 comments for “I Guess We Now Know Who They Work For….

  1. Ed P
    January 6, 2020 at 9:47 am

    Am I the only one who doesn’t know to what “Grime star stormzy” refers?

    Is it ‘cos I iznt black?

  2. Valentine Gray
    January 6, 2020 at 3:16 pm

    Just give the money to Tommy Robinson and stop whingeing Sir Brian, that’s peanuts to what our young Muslims are having spent on them. Usman Khan had £ 341,460 spent on him with Legal Aid , three Muslim sisters had a whopping £4million 500,000 Legal Aid spent on them (figures courtesy of the Daily Mail) we have an enormous liability problem with Muslims in this country who may take it into their heads to kill us when they are unable to control a hidden urge to kill. We have an official Muslim population of three million, unofficial ???.

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