A demented theme park?

Are we, as Polly suggests, living in a ‘demented theme park’, a la The Matrix? The theme park motif is likened to Disneyland, itself a now tarnished organisation, where the various arms of the organisation may not know one another, but are linked by a common purpose, a common set of values and aims, a common project with various sub-parks, and a common hierarchy found across the nation and world.

And why would this be untoward in itself? It wouldn’t, unless part of that was systematic abuse of children for a greater goal. If you extract the highly divisive words ’satanic ritual’, which immediately alienate those of ‘rational mind’, thereby protecting, in perpetuity, those involved in the very real political use of such broken children who become adult if they survive, then a pattern emerges.

One figure involved was Syd Gottlieb who crops up with Svali, with Colin Ross:


… and in a series I started posting in October, 2007, which looked at the state of play during the time of the Labour govt:


… which is enough to be going on with for now. And into this comes Polly today:

Why? For satanic reasons? Why not for the simple reason of control? And what better control than creating the entire world these people inhabit – their histories, framing, definitions of words, entertainment, drugs and so it goes on?

And at any point, whoever is ultimately controlling this thing – maybe not one person but an entire theme park staff – can introduce new constructs at random, e.g. transgender, non-binary … anything they damn well like.

Again – why? And again, the answer – either on a religious level, to destroy humanity and control their souls … or on a ‘rational’ level – the same motivation as communist regimes – the aggrandisement, in perpetuity, of any born into or who wrests his or her way into the elite or who sells his or her soul for the hope of advancement within it.

As Svali pointed out – these are not nice people, dog eat dog, denial of human nobility and substitution of human degradation at all levels, by all operatives within the organisations – they are legion. Quick check – look at the state of TV programmes in the late 50s/early 60s – the values, the themes … and compare those to, say, Corrie or East Enders in this era. Breakdown of the institutions at all levels.

All that Polly has done is point to some of the mechanics of how it’s organised. Combine those with, say, the link above on micro-control, go to N7, and it gives a potted overview. Red pill.

Or forget it and drift on to where we’re headed, oblivious. Blue pill.