Carlos Ghosn

Please see this as live blogging, hoping you know something of the story and wanting to as near as dammit complete this story somehow.

My first cab off the rank is the wiki entry:

Couple of minutes to internalise that.

  •  Brazilian-born French businessman of Lebanese ancestry
  •  Chairman of AvtoVAZ, chairman and CEO of Nissan, and chairman of Mitsubishi Motors, chairman and CEO of the Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance, a strategic partnership among those automotive manufacturers through a complex cross-shareholding agreement
  •  Ghosn became known as “Le Cost Killer”
  •  Spearheading turnaround of Nissan, earned the nickname “Mr. Fix It”
  •  Quickly achieved celebrity status in Japan and business world
  •  His life chronicled in Japanese comics
  •  Arrested Haneda Airport 19 November 2018, allegations of under-reporting his earnings and misuse of company assets
  •  Japanese rules that allow suspects to be detained for up to 23 days without criminal charges being filed.

My notes on that:

  •  AvtoVaz – that’s Lada in Samara, Russia, i know how difficult a gig that would be
  •  Used to CEO-ing in foreign lands
  •  Url for the arrest:


  • If that was his modus operandi anywhere he worked, why only arrested now?
  • Ghosn’s imprisonment was set to end on 11 January. That day, Ghosn was indicted on two additional charges: aggravated breach of trust and understating his income, once again extending his imprisonment.
  • The Japanese term hitojichi shihō (“hostage justice”) has been brought up in some media reports. Takashi Takano, one of Ghosn’s lawyers stated that the Japanese judicial system is a country risk.
  •  Renault possibly worried about Nissan taking the chance to use the power vacuum at Renault to reshape the alliance’s balance of power.
  •  Japanese public broadcaster NHK quoted investigative sources who stated that Ghosn left his Tokyo apartment at around 14:30 on 29 December and joined two men at a nearby hotel. The three then took a bullet train from Shinagawa to Osaka and arrived at a hotel near Kansai International Airport just after 20:00. A few hours later, two men left the hotel carrying large containers, including an audio equipment box where Ghosn was hidden. The men then boarded a Bombardier Global Express private jet with Turkish registration TC-TSR. The large box carrying Ghosn was never x-rayed or checked by customs officials

Ho ho ho.  Over to you. Just an internecine squabble in the car biz or something much bigger?