The Sparkle

First the apologetics at the Wail:

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex last night revealed they plan to relaunch their careers – potentially earning millions of pounds a year.

In an astonishing statement on their new website, they complained they had been unable to earn their own money as senior royals. They will give up their income from the Sovereign Grant – the money taxpayers give to the Queen every year – and launch themselves onto the international celebrity circuit.

They will keep Frogmore Cottage in Windsor as they renovated it with their own items and designs.

All right, kudos for giving up public money to earn a living, but keeping taxpayer funded Frogmore, however many ‘items’ of theirs are inside?

Others around the world are weighing in [maybe not a good expression with a female]:

Frankly, this pair is NOT liked, and not just by Brits.

SARAH VINE: What happened to the Prince Harry and Meghan we fell in love with?

You may have, love, some of us were onto her from near the start.  Let me just see if I have this right – Hal and Megs, taxpayer funded, who made their fame from being Royal, quit the royals to make a killing on the Blair-like celeb circuit … for being dissident Royals.

Uh huh.

And to spread their lefty poison worldwide on that circuit.  Got it.  To be fair to the Wail:

While the statement on the couple’s website makes great play of the fact they are giving up the money from the Sovereign Grant, it does not say whether they will be making do without the cash they get from Prince Charles via his private £1.2billion Duchy of Cornwall estate – which some argue should be regarded as a public asset.

Horses backsides, the pair of them.

‘That’s what power looks like’: Fawning celebrities, including Jameela Jamil and Bette Midler, fall over themselves to voice their support for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry after they quit the Royal Family 

How are celeb watchers reacting?  This is from September last:

What’s my personal interest?

We’re not talking just another human, we’re talking one, together with Silly Hal, who heavily influence and have abrogated the non-political stance of Royalty in order to push rabid global leftism of the worst sort, from the climate scam to all the rest of it.

So yes – the political aspect. But there’s sommit else – Brits and Americans. With Brexit, despite Boris [who is American by the way] kowtowing to a class within Europe which detests Britain, detests Boris himself [see EU ‘snidery’], who wants its hands on City money, despite all this, Boris still sucks up to these clowns, while the ‘special alliance is endangered.

It’s quite political – Trump deplorables are generally pro fellow deplorables anywhere, we’re steeped in the wars where we were allies, despite Americans coming over for our wimmin and despite Americans saying listen bud, we came over and saved you and what about the Boston Tea Party, eh? Despite all that, the four white former colonies, plus the US – the English speaking world – are natural allies.

Personally too, I’m quite close to one or two, probably more, Americans, I’ve zero desire to pay any heed to this stupid bickering across the pond, Americans are most welcome here, as are Brits, Antipodaeans, whoever – the Dutch and Germans – what on earth are people’s issues here?

And I feel Sparkle is threatening this. There’s far more of a division between the elite and suck-up celebs and us than any national divisions, I read Spiegel near-daily, in German – what’s the issue? I like Martin Selner of Austria.

The division is far more class/political – there’s a mindset we just won’t stomach, they can’t stomach us, the Sparkle couple are of the other side.

Social media in full cry

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  1. Ed P
    January 9, 2020 at 2:27 pm

    What will James Hewitt think of this?

    And, apart from the Queen of course, plus Princess Anne (whom I’ve always respected for the public works she does without seeking publicity), the rest of them don’t add up to much.

  2. Valentine Gray
    January 10, 2020 at 1:01 am

    I suppose Diane Abbott looked like her once.

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