Unrealistic Expectations…

The family said that Phil reported the abuse to Cumbria police on August 3 but that after nine weeks, the investigation came to an end.

The suspect was arrested and interviewed before being released without charge.

Cumbria police said there would be no further action as they could not corroborate Phil’s account.

Which is not to say they didn’t try:

Speaking on behalf of the force DCS Dean Holden said the constabulary had taken the case ‘extremely seriously’.

‘But any prosecution has to be based on a strong evidential case. Unfortunately, in this instance, there was insufficient evidence to proceed with a prosecution.

‘A senior officer from the constabulary – a detective chief inspector and the force lead for rape and serious sexual offences – has visited the family and shared some of the specific details and challenges of the case. It would be inappropriate to disclose further detail wider.’

The family, however, are under no such legal or moral obligation. And are desperate to blame anyone and everyone:

After the investigation was dropped his wife said he gradually became ‘more depressed and withdrawn’ and told the Guardian that police did not do enough investigate (sic).

She added that their investigation was ‘pretty poor’ and that all they had done was ‘look into a few records’.

She’s a qualified police detective, is she?

‘They said there was nothing to go off – it was just one word against another. But the way I see it, they didn’t look‘, she added.

Phil’s son believed his father had wanted to end his life and wanted to send a message to his abuser by climbing the chimney, which is infamous in the area.

To his alleged abuser, don’t you mean?

The family also believe its local NHS trust failed Phil and Andrea said he had consultations with four or five people, but that he hadn’t had any consistency on who was monitoring him.

She added that she understood the lack of care was due to funding, but that people were ‘slipping through the net’ because of it.

How can it be due to ‘funding’ when he clearly had several appointments?