Never apologise to that lot

As Dellers wrote:

But it’s still a mistake, not least because it has enabled the BBC to run a story headlined ‘Laurence Fox apologises to Sikhs over WW1 comments’. The natural inference of any casual reader would be that Fox’s apology was justified and necessary. In fact, it was neither.

I’ve been here myself; everyone on the right with a media profile has. What most of us have learned from bitter experience is that when the Social Justice witch hunt mob come after you, the very last thing you should ever offer them is the merest hint of contrition. It shows weakness; it gives them a victory they do not deserve; it makes them hungry for more of your blood.

Apologies are only ever justified when you have done something wrong.

Your humble blogger did not say ‘never apologise’, nor did Dellers, the operative phrase is ‘never to that lot’.

The confected outrage was just the left doing what it always does: using every wheedling, low-down, dishonest, cry-bullying, canting trick in the book in order to claim another right-wing scalp.

Mind you, what it does do is focus the mind on not shooting off with the mouth before engaging brain. In other words, say or write only that you believe to be true, based on something you can produce to back you up.

But above all, there is a timeframe in this. Should you feel that those bstds might have caught you out on something, and after all, they waste hours trying to bring normal humans down, then there should be a period, maybe a week, when you tell them where to go.

In your own good time, if you do then feel you were a bit out of order, you can make amends to the person in question. But that’s entirely your thing. In these cases, tardiness is most certainly a virtue.